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Stone Veneer Industry Trends in 2018

A product needs to constantly evolve and adapt to industry trends to stay relevant, and stone veneer has certainly followed this principle. A study published by BusinessWire found that general masonry veneer sales were around $700 million in 2010, and almost a decade later that number has continued to rise yearly.

Why is Stone Veneer So Popular?

Stone veneer has gained popularity for a couple of key reasons. Firstly, it’s extremely versatile. It can be used for interiors or exteriors, as well as for residential or commercial applications. It’s also significantly more affordable than natural stone, while still being aesthetically appealing.

Stone veneer has gone through many changes over the years, but one thing has stayed true; its appeal has never waned. Let’s look at what makes stone veneer so popular, and what trends are going to be big in 2018.

Combining Different Stones Together

Blending various stone patterns or colours together will add texture to any project. It’s also a chance for you to create something unique and special. You can break up mundane straight lines with a variety of shapes, sizes and diameters. Different colours can also be used to make your project really stand out.

Staying Modern

Contemporary looks and designs are on the upswing for stone veneer this year. Custom built homes and rebuilds are utilizing veneer to add texture when combining it with other elements, such as concrete, glass or wood. Intermingling the rugged appearance of stone with these materials will offer something distinctive yet stunning.

Knowledgeable Consumers

Consumers have more resources now than ever before, and they’re using these resources to find exactly what they’re looking for. This knowledge goes well beyond stopping at a big box store to look at on-the-floor inventory. Buyers can research, order and pick up or have delivered, whatever products they desire for their project. Convenience, price and customization are features consumers are looking for.

Small Projects Offer Big Results

DIY projects have never been easier to complete. Online sources offer expertise and help to even the most novice of homeowners. Taking on small projects at home can save you money, while also add value to your home. Adding stone veneer to an accent wall or around an indoor or exterior fireplace are easy upgrades that will make your home stand out. A little project can garner massive results.

Outdoor Living Spaces

We need to value our outside time as much as possible, especially after a winter like we just conquered. An excellent way to do that is to energize our outdoor living spaces. Stone veneer can help with this in decorative and functional applications. Walls, chimneys, steps and patios are all potential areas that stone veneer will make more prominent and visually appealing. The possibilities are truly endless to make the exterior of your home as inviting and comfortable as the inside.

Fusion Stone has been a trend setter since its inception. With three styles, multiple colours, broad national distribution and guaranteed quality you can count on Fusion Stone stone veneer to meet your every design and installation need.

Style in Québec: A Step Back in Time

Québec is known for many things: its beautiful language, arts scene, Carnaval de Québec and of course, the poutine! But one of the things Québec is most well-known for is its flair for design trends and style forward thinking. Québec fuses new build aesthetics with classic structural beauty like no other province in Canada which makes it a popular hotspot for design aficionados.

A Brief History Lesson

French settlers were the first Europeans to inhabit what would eventually become Québec in the 16th and 17th centuries. For all the things they brought with them, their architectural ideals have left one of the biggest impacts. Densely packed structures on narrow roads is what they knew, and they continued that construction style when they built the first cities in Québec.

A Melting Pot of Historical and Modern Design

Québec’s style is a real medley of history and modern design, and a typical home there showcases that. Québec architecture is a true union of the latest styles and antique elements, much like our Fusion Stone products.

No matter what your home’s design, Fusion Stone offers a rugged and traditional look that also gives a sense of old-world comfort. For example, use Peninsula Ledgestone for an accent wall in your bedroom or office to make a fresh statement while also having the added appeal of classic stone.

Creative and Functional Small Spaces

Having a smaller living space doesn’t mean you must sacrifice personality. Maintaining crisp and simple lines can liven up any space. The use of area rugs infused with retro furniture will add character and personality to any loft or studio apartment.

Something New and Something Old

Another popular trend in Québec is to mesh prevalent colours and patterns with antique home décor. A great place to create this look would be in a living room or bedroom. Adding our product, Great Lakes, around a fireplace would suit this design idea perfectly. The collaboration of our stone, mixed with a vintage couch and table found at a local antique shop would cement a dramatic and visually appealing look.

The More Chefs the Better

Québec is known for its gourmet cooking and dining, which makes the kitchen one of the most important parts of a French-Canadian home. A well-designed layout is vital to the success of a great meal. Substantial counter space for appliances and food preparation is a must, as well as multiple closets and cupboards that can blend in with the rest of the cabinets. Choosing illuminous and airy colours will help with cooking and socializing. Also, adding a surge of colour through a backsplash or wall accents will intensify the positivity of the space.

Some Looks Never Go Out of Style

The popularity of French-style farmhouses has re-emerged. The rustic atmosphere is inviting and warm. The stunning combination of wood finishes and neutral colours is a mesmerizing throwback to a simpler time. Using as much natural light as possible will immerse all the house’s attributes together. Lastly, the proper accent pieces – chandeliers, benches and wrought iron will help intensify the farmhouse effect.

Québec has a rich and robust design history that infuses timeless architecture with modern styles. With Fusion Stone you can achieve some of the same results with our DIY stone veneer.

Personality is in the Accent

Just as a French, Italian or British speaking accent makes an impression on the ear, design accents make an impression on the eye. It’s very easy to draw a conclusion or be strikingly taken by these initial sensory responses. These accents can make the difference between the ho-hum of everyday and the captivating allure that a bit of flair can bring to a design.

Our feature project this month could have been a standard, ho-hum pool house. However, the clever and tasteful additions of several accessories and accents have had the effect of transforming that little pool house into a design focus that can be neither ignored or under appreciated.

The scene is set with the stark contrast between the slate blue siding and white door and framing. The Fusion Stone skirting confirms the positive impression with a totally different, yet complementary building material. The Fusion Stone Great Lakes style in the Fawn colour provides striking material differentiation from the siding while contributing hints of both matching and contrasting colours. The overall impression is one of style, grace and both tradition and modernity.

Obvious elements that help to securely bind this design picture together include the two lantern-style lighting fixtures, the large, multi-segmented, vertical oval window and the antique table and chairs. Even the decking material flows smoothly and naturally from the Fusion Stone style and colour.

So, the work has been done and the result is a triumph. Cannonballs anyone?

Don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in three distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also available at over 1,500 locations across Canada. Ask your building supply retailer about Fusion Stone and visit

Watch for our next feature project in July.

The Fusion Stone Demo Tour – An Update

2017 was the inaugural year for the Fusion Stone Demo Tour. It was such a success in Ontario that we extended the reach of the tour in 2018 to include Quebec during May and June.

We are now well into the second month of the Quebec tour and have visited dozens of building materials stores with many more to come. The Fusion Stone Demo Tour team, traveling in the Fusion Stone Hummer, is hard to miss and has been a big hit wherever they go. In July and August the tour will continue through Ontario.

Store customers are given the opportunity to try for themselves to see just how fast, easy and convenient it is to install Fusion Stone thin stone veneer. People of both genders and all ages, including contractors, want to learn more about Fusion Stone.

Everyone is also encouraged to enter the Fusion Stone contest for a chance to win $5,000 worth of Fusion Stone. Go to for your chance to win.

Watch for the Fusion Stone Hummer. Discover for yourself how Fusion stone can enhance the appearance of your home or business, inside and out. Or simply visit your local building supply retailer – there are over 1,500 in Canada that carry Fusion Stone.

Fusion Stone Upgrades Ontario Homes

Now that the nice weather is here to stay in Ontario, it’s time to start thinking about some DIY projects that will transform your home, and we’re here to help! Fusion Stone products are easy to install, high-quality and can be used for a variety of applications. No matter your level of handiness around the house get ready to become a Fusion Stone expert!

Great Lakes – Raven

Indoor or outdoor, from kitchens to patios, you’ll leave a lasting impression with visitors when you choose to upgrade with the beautifully muted hues of Great Lakes Raven (pictured above), With three dynamic colour schemes, Great Lakes will enhance your space and make your house truly feel like home. Our four simple do-it-yourself steps provide an easy to install process regardless of the existing surface or your skill. With a few easy tools you’ll soon become the Fusion Stone expert!

Great Lakes – Carbon

Looking to modernize your home? Our Great Lakes product can help with that. By mixing a rugged appearance with traditional good looks, your home can be transformed quickly and easily. Choose one of four gorgeous colours: Brindle, Raven, Carbon or Fawn, and our no mortar installation offers a no mess and no fuss project that anyone can take on. Also, with 1,500 dealers in our national network, you won’t have to travel all over Ontario to find our products.

Peninsula Ledgestone – Grotto

If you’re looking for a place to wind down after a long day in the Ontario sun, consider adding an accent wall in your games room or rec room. Our newest product, Peninsula Ledgestone, offers a contemporary look with a choice of two modern colours: Cyprus and Grotto. With just a few basic tools you can transform any room in your home into a space that your family and friends will want to spend their evening.

Great Lakes – Raven

Great Lakes is our best-selling product, and there are many reasons for that. The diversity of our Great Lakes stone veneer allows you to use it for a barrage of home projects, which is extremely useful for visually tying parts of your home together. Something as simple as a flower box can add elegance to any deck or backyard. It’s also a great smaller project to test out how truly beautiful and budget-friendly our products are.

Dry-Stack Charcoal

Our products can be used virtually everywhere. They can be installed on new or preexisting walls, and that allows you the freedom to rejuvenate any living space. A deck or patio is a great place to spend an afternoon in the Ontario sun with family and friends. Our products cannot only be installed on any surface by anyone but can also be installed in any type of weather.

Along with offering top of the line products and accessories, we provide a Lifetime Guarantee. We guarantee for life the structural, aesthetic and performance integrity of all our products, as well as a lifetime of maintenance free performance on all our products.

Outdoor Life with Fusion Stone

After such a long and harsh winter, getting to enjoy the outdoors is going to feel incredible! There is nothing like sitting on your deck reading a book in the sun, or having family and friends over for a BBQ. Early spring is a great time to start thinking about how to enhance your personal outdoor oasis.

Here are a few DIY projects that you can take on now so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour come summertime:

Patios and Decks

With Fusion Stone, any deck or patio can be upgraded with very minimal effort. For a simple transformation try using any of our products as trim around patios or at the base of your deck. Our stone will mix well with other components, such as wood, siding, or brick.

Outdoor Kitchens

With long Canadian winters, it’s critical that we make the most of the good weather when it’s here. Doing as many activities outside as you can during the summer months will keep your family active and happy.

If you enjoy eating outside, why not cook outside too? Outdoor kitchens have become immensely popular over the last few years, and we can help you dress yours up for enhanced appearance and functionality. Fusion Stone can be used as the facing for cabinets, countertops or stoves, and can be styled in a variety of patterns and hues. Adding Fusion Stone to your kitchen will increase durability, whether your kitchen is outdoors or inside.


Being cozy next to an outdoor fireplace is the perfect way to spend an evening, and Fusion Stone products make any fireplace dazzle. Adding our stone to your fireplace will give it a rustic and enchanting appearance, while adding protection from the outdoor elements. It’s a simple project that you can take on to extend your outdoor enjoyment, even on cool summer evenings.


The last thing that your outdoor paradise needs is an eyesore like an outdated chimney. Fusion Stone is designed to give any chimney a facelift that will never chip or rust. It’s an economically smart idea to add not only curb appeal, but backyard appeal as well.

Sheds and Playhouses

Use our products to add some rugged texture to your shed or garage. Doing whole walls (or even just the trim), will add an additional decorative element to your backyard.

Try applying the same stone or design that’s on your home to your shed to add a stylish flow to your property. For a completely cohesive outdoor look, consider adding Fusion Stone to the side of your children’s playhouse. It will make them feel like they’re in a castle, while keeping a charming appearance throughout your backyard.

With Fusion Stone, the outdoor options are endless. From retaining walls to seating areas, to the sides of stairs, garden boxes or even ponds. Let your imagination roam and let us help you make your next DIY idea a reality.

Spring is Fusion Stone Time

Spring is here and summer will be upon us before we know it. There is no better time to use the fine weather to advantage and get going on outdoor projects. Refacing all or a portion of your home’s exterior with Fusion Stone will not only bring you personal satisfaction but also add to the curb appeal of your property.

Our feature project his month, presented in a springtime setting, may be just what is required to motivate you to take action.

This home owner choice to select both stone and vertically installed siding for the exterior. This is a great design choice as it opens up the possibilities available for extent of coverage and colours of both materials.

In our example, Fusion Stone Great Lakes in the poplar Raven colour provide foundational skirting for most of the house and full wall coverage for the main entryway. The rugged stone profile of Great Lakes and the diversity of colours and shading that characterize Raven provide the basis for the addition of complementary siding and landscape features.

The use of Fusion Stone Great Lakes adds both dimension and character to this home, something that would not have been achieved if reliance was placed exclusively on the neutral vertical siding.

So, if you want to make a major enhancement to your property at an affordable price and with a material that was developed for do-it-yourself installation, Fusion Stone is the solution.

Don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in three distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also available at over 1,500 locations across Canada. Ask your building supply retailer about Fusion Stone and visit

Watch for our next feature project in June.

The Fusion Stone Demo Tour Is Back!

2017 was the inaugural year for the Fusion Stone Demo Tour. It was such a success in Ontario that we are extending the reach of the tour in 2018 to include Quebec.

Beginning in early May the Fusion Stone Demo Tour team will begin a two-month journey in the Fusion Stone Hummer to visit building materials stores in la belle province. In July and through August the team will continue the tour through Ontario.

Store customers will be given the opportunity to try for themselves to see just how fast, easy and convenient it is to install Fusion Stone thin stone veneer.

If last year is any indication of what to expect in 2018, we’ll be greeting a lot of enthusiastic consumers. People of both genders and all ages, including contractors will want to learn more about Fusion Stone.

As an added bonus, everyone will be encouraged to enter the Fusion Stone contest for a chance to win $5,000 worth of Fusion Stone. Go to for your chance to win.

Keep your eyes open for the Fusion Stone Hummer– it’s hard to miss. See for yourself how Fusion stone can enhance the appearance of your home or business, inside and out. Or simply visit your local building supply retailer – there are over 1,500 in Canada that carry Fusion Stone.


If you’ve been thinking about doing a Fusion Stone veneer project, here is your chance to win $5,000 worth of your choice of Fusion Stone products. The contest will run across Canada this year beginning on May 1 and closing on October 31.

To enter, go to the Fusion Stone website at and complete the quick and easy entry form. It’s that easy! Contest rules can be found here:

Whether you win the contest or not, Fusion Stone is a great way to update your home or business both inside and out. And you can do it yourself with just a few basic tools.

Select from three Fusion Stone profiles and multiple colour choices. Great Lakes, our #1 seller, has a rugged, traditional feel. Dry-Stack, as its name suggests, is tightly stacked with a clean, finished appearance. Peninsula Ledgestone, the newest member of the Fusion Stone family, features the contemporary look of variable length runs that are offset both vertically and horizontally. Fusion Stone really does offer something for everyone!

And don’t forget, all three Fusion Stone styles are mortar-free which means quick installation with very little mess. No fuss, no muss.

For more information about Fusion Stone visit our website at and be sure to enter the contest. Good luck!

Using Fusion Stone at the Cottage

With spring here, it’s natural to begin thinking about summertime and cottage getaways. Heading to the cottage gives us a chance to leave the city and normality, while recharging our batteries in a relaxing setting. However, before you sit back and enjoy the cottage this summer consider knocking off a few DIY projects this spring so you can maximize your cottage enjoyment this summer.

Simple Updates, Big Changes

Fusion Stone’s stone veneer products are easy to use, budget-friendly and require only a few tools, which is ideal for a cottage project.

Accent walls are always a great idea, but one that we tend to incorporate in our home more than at the cottage. Our versatile product, Great Lakes is a popular choice to liven up a wall in your cottage’s living or dining room.

A stone veneer accent wall is a great way to give the illusion of added space to smaller cottages, or a smart way to use larger space more efficiently by dividing living areas. For patios, sitting nooks and terraces an accent wall can double as a privacy wall.

Modernize the Look and Feel of Your Cottage

Give the exterior of your cottage a makeover easily, without the mess and headache of mortar. Dry-Stack offers you a highly-finished appearance that comes in two stunning colour choices. Dry-Stack is effortlessly attached to new and pre-existing walls with its stainless-steel clip and screw system. It’s a job that you could get done in a weekend, and once done it’ll make a cottage built in any decade look brand new.

Give a Visual Spark to Your Fireplace

Having a fire while being surrounded by nature is one of the best parts of the cottage. Whether you have a firepit outside by the water, a fireplace outside on your patio, or inside your living room we help you make it the focal point with minimal effort. Peninsula Ledgestone will offer any fireplace a contemporary, rugged and natural appearance.

Don’t Forget About the Shed!

If you have a small shed, storage building or kid’s playhouse our products can rejuvenate those spaces too. No matter the size of the structure, it’s nice to give them an upgrade. Plus, when you use the same material on these buildings as the exterior of your cottage, you’ll give your property a unified look.

So, this spring whether you’re looking for a small weekend project or a major DIY revamp of several areas, Fusion Stone is the mess-free, versatile material that will help you maximize the beauty of your cottage escape.