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Quick and Easy Installation

The most difficult phase of Fusion Stone installation is choosing a style and colour. Fusion Stone is available in three distinct styles, and those styles come in several incredible colours.

Great Lakes is our most popular product. With mortar-free installation and a rugged and traditional look, Great Lakes offers elegance to any project. It comes in four diverse and enchanting colours – Brindle, Raven, Carbon and Fawn.

Dry-Stack also offers innovation in its mortar-less installation. It’s easy to install, while also being mess free. Dry-Stack produces an incredible, unvarying and highly-finished look to any part of your home. It comes in two style-altering colours: Caramel and Charcoal.

Peninsula Ledgestone is the newest addition to the Fusion Stone lineup. It has been designed to appeal to anyone searching for a more contemporary look. Its stylish appearance comes from its tightly-packed composition and variety in length and width. Each piece offsets the next both vertically and horizontally. It also comes in two eye-catching colours: Cyprus and Grotto.

Installing Fusion Stone

First, get your tools together (you’ll have most if not all of the required tools around your home already). You’re now ready to get started. Fusion Stone has everything you need to successfully and quickly install your stone veneer.

Before you begin, read through our installation guides and take a look at our detailed installation drawings. These resources have all the information you need for each product. The installation guides specifically tell you how to:

• Prepare your surface (including flashing and moisture barriers for exterior walls)
• Install the starter strip
• Where to begin installing your Fusion Stone (i.e., start Great Lakes at the corner)
• How to lay the last stone.

The guides also tell you how to install inside corners, cut a side slot, install sills, and trim stones. These installation guides are great to print off (they’re only a few pages long) and have on hand while you’re working on your project.

But not everyone likes to read instructions. If you’d prefer to see what you need to do check out our installation videos in which our experts walk you through the installation process and how to troubleshoot any challenges.

That’s it! DIY projects are made easier when Fusion Stone is involved. In just four simple steps you can complete your next renovation project and make a big difference in the look of your home.

Stone Veneer in Million Dollar Homes in Ontario

A house is just that until you make it your own. That’s when it becomes a home. It’s the little nuances that really help to make a space feel like home.

Even a large, million-dollar homes in Ontario are personalized easily and effectively with Fusion Stone. No matter the make, size or style of your estate, with the right materials you can transform your home into whatever you’d like it to be.

More space means bigger projects

A bigger home means bigger projects, which works out perfectly with the big ideas that our products are designed to bring to life.

Why pack up and move into a new home when you can utilize and alter the one you’re already in? With Fusion Stone you can magically transform full exteriors and make your home look brand new.

Surround your large patio or deck in Fusion Stone to offer a rugged, elegant and distinctive appearance that will turn your million-dollar home into a stunning work of art.

Get started with these big ideas

Try using Great Lakes for the exterior walls of your home. The no mortar, easy installation that our products offer give a traditional visual effect, while still providing a robust and inviting feeling. With Great Lakes you have a great selection of colours. Choose between the rusty hues of Brindle, the subdued tones of Raven, the cloudy Carbon look, or the subtler dusky Fawn.

Our Dry-Stack product adds to your home’s exterior or interior walls to offset other building materials your home may have already incorporated. Dry-Stack offers a highly-finished and uniform look, highlighting the strength and sturdiness of traditional stone. Dry-Stack comes in two magnificent colours: Charcoal and Caramel.

If you’re looking to add a contemporary look to your home, then look no further than our product, Peninsula Ledgestone. It’s the newest member of the Fusion Stone family, and its popularity is easy to understand. Peninsula Ledgestone is tightly stacked with variable lengths and widths. Each piece is offset to give you a personalized, ‘never been done before’ look. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to add the traditional appeal of stone to a contemporary design in a billiards room or wine cellar.

Big homes mean big projects. Choose Fusion Stone for your next project. Our products are available at over 1,500 dealers in our national network. Find one close to you today and transform your home into the space you want it to be.

Yes, Durability is Still Important

Yes, Durability is Still Important

In our modern era of mass-production, having pride in something that is well-made is sometimes lost along the way. This is where Fusion Stone stands apart. Our strong beliefs in superior manufacturing practices are evident in the quality of our work, the durability of our products and the warranty that stands behind them.

Why These Things Matter to Us

There are many reasons that we are committed to ensuring our products meet the highest standards. We are customer-first oriented and we respect and honour the bonds that we create with our customers. Our eye for detail is unwavering and we are continually looking for ways to improve. Our third generation, 100% Canadian ownership showcases the values that we hold as a company and family, which is to make products that are unmatched in quality, beauty, variety and style.

Durability is A Measure of Quality

Producing something that looks great is important, but just as important is how long it lasts. We only produce top quality stone veneer and stand behind our products with unwavering certainty. We offer a Guarantee of Strength and Performance on all of our products, as long as they are installed in full accordance with installation guidelines and conform to local building codes.

The Lifetime Guarantee

We are very proud to offer a lifetime of maintenance-free performance on all our products, but we have gone even further in our dedication to our customers.

The only thing stronger than our products and the passion we have for making them is our Lifetime Guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is extremely vital to us, which is why we guarantee, for life, the structural, aesthetic and performance integrity of all of our products.

Our warranty does not cover what we have no control over, such as building settlement, wall movement, contact with chemicals and airborne containments that may affect the integrity of our products.

We are CCMC approved!

As if our products, durability and warranty weren’t enough to showcase our commitment to manufacturing the best products possible, we are also CCMC approved (#14008-R). The Canadian Construction Materials Centre, which operates within the National Research Council of Canada, offers a national evaluation service for a variety of building construction materials. Essentially, this means that our products have been recognized by Canada as an excellent choice to be used in any commercial and residential building.

With so many products on the market, it can be tough to know which one to choose. We believe that through the high-quality products we make, the support we offer, and our extensive warranty, we make the decision that much easier. Contact us to find out more about our warranty and get a free estimate on your next DIY project.

Style in Vancouver

Canada definitely has a reputation for being laid back and relaxed, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Vancouver. As the third-most populated city in the country, it is a rich pot of cultural diversity that blends the customs and values of its inhabitants to form its own distinct style.

Here is a list of some of the biggest design trends for Vancouver in 2018.

Good bye cold grey, hello warm earth tones

This concept is something that seems to flip flop from year to year, and this year, grey is out and inviting earth tones are back in. Beige, greens and browns are being used together to create warm and inviting colour schemes that offer relaxation to anyone who embraces it. Even simple accent pieces are enough to put this style trend into action.

Splashes of colour

Since white stylings and furnishings never seem to fade out of style, a new way to enhance that look is to throw splashes of colour into the mix. It’s a great way to keep a room looking neat and simple, while allowing the accessories to add some fun to the space. A white wall with a colourful painting is an excellent example of this design technique. Tossing a vibrant throw pillow or blanket on your neutral-coloured couch is another way to make this design trend come to life.

Sticking to one main colour and two accent colours

This is a very important style trend, especially for anyone living in a small space. Don’t convolute your space by having too many distracting colours. Keep it simple with one main colour and add one or two accent colours to create a look that is clean and inviting.

Recycled and vintage

This trend is all about making something old feel new again. There is no better way to create your own design style then recycling old furniture or buying vintage pieces. You can use your imagination to its fullest extent, and make a masterpiece out of something that still has a lot of life left in it. Buying vintage furniture is also a way to separate your space from one that is stuffed with boring furnishings from a big box store. Plus, you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint.

Sculptural statements

Sculpting is one of humanity’s oldest art forms, so why not have a piece as furniture or as a conversation starter? Sculptural living-room chairs are something new and bold that can liven up any space. They’re not only fun to look at but are functional as well. Check out any art shows that local artists may be having in your neighbourhood. You can find that perfect piece, while also supporting your local arts.

Add Fusion Stone to your project

Our products have many benefits that make them extremely useful for those living in Western Canada. Besides being extremely affordable, easy to install and elegant looking, our products can be installed in all types of weather. They also can be installed onto new and existing walls with very minimal tools, time and mess. With a wide variety of styles and colours, Fusion Stone is here to help you with your next DIY project. Check out our website for how-to-guides and videos that will help you each step of the way.

Maritimes Style 2018 Style Trends

Atlantic Canada is a charming and vibrant part of Canada best known for its scenic beauty, fresh seafood, and eclectic music. These are just a few of the characteristics that Eastern Canada offers. Lesser known though, are the style trends that have developed here. Eastern Canada has some unique and visually stunning architectural styles that can be enhanced using Fusion Stone.

Sparks of colour

Greys, whites and neutrals have been in style for quite some time, and that isn’t really changing. What is changing however, is injecting some rich and popping colour into the mix. This can be done almost anywhere, such as adding some colour to your home’s exterior, contrasting a white backsplash, or a coloured stone pattern to your bathroom wall.

Classic black and white

While colour is great, using black and white as a classic combination to counterbalance pops of colour, is a time enduring design trend. Many style experts believe that every room can use a dash of black, so it’s not surprising to see this trend make a return. This can easily be obtained in any room of your home. Try white linens with a black and white striped duvet, white throw pillows on a black sofa, or simply placing a black chair in a white-walled room.

Brass is back

This trend is somewhat controversial – not all style experts agree, but the ones who do really dig it. The kitchen is the part of the house where brass is making the biggest splash. Brass can be infused into stainless steel sinks and appliances. Switching the handles on your drawers, cupboards or island are a few other ways to experiment with brass.

Stone accents

There are many advantages to using Fusion Stone, especially on the east coast, where the landscape is beautiful, but tough —just like our products! Fusion Stone is versatile and can be used to match your style trends while offering the durability that’s necessary on the east coast. Here are some ideas of how to use Fusion Stone in your home:

Give the exterior of your home a facelift 

Reinvent your home using our best-selling product, Great Lakes. The no mortar application makes it extremely easy to install, while still offering a rugged and traditional effect. The fact that is comes in four diverse and distinct colours, also adds to its versatility.

Add character to any fireplace

Whether your fireplace is inside or out, make it a focal point by using our high-finished product, Dry-Stack. It will add an amazingly uniform and visually-appealing look that you and your guests will enjoy for years to come. Pick between two, full-bodied colours; Caramel and Charcoal.

Add an accent wall 

If you have a space that needs a visual pop, consider adding an accent wall. This concept can be used in a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom or outside on your patio. Peninsula Ledgestone can help you create an up-to-date statement, while also offering the traditional strength of stone.

Fusion Stone Saves the Day

Our feature this month pays tribute to the excellent creative sense of the designer of this project in recognizing when too much of a good thing is in fact too much.

The front façade of this home is clearly expansive and is overwhelmingly dominated by grey, horizontal shiplap. This is currently a highly popular building material. So far so good, particularly with the support of contemporary style, black framed windows and door. The oval window contributes an attractive and compelling contrast to the otherwise square dimensions.

This is where things get interesting. You can almost see the designer standing back and imagining how this home would look if the shiplap was continued to the ground. The conclusion was that it would be too much. It would so dominate the space that the other positive aspects of this design would be lost or at the very least seriously diminished. But how to save the day?

Enter our hero, Fusion Stone. Installing Fusion Stone Dry-Stack Caramel, wainscot-style not only reduces the overwhelming impact of the grey shiplap but introduces both a material and colour differential. This crucial addition beautifully breaks the flow of grey, allows the windows to optimize their contribution to the design and flows seamlessly and naturally into the rustic landscaping. Perfecto.

So, kudos to the creative spirit that not only conceived and executed this beauty but had the good sense to recognize how a seemingly small refinement would contribute to such a significant and dramatic outcome.

Don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in three distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also available at over 1,500 locations across Canada. Ask your building supply retailer about Fusion Stone and visit

Watch for our next feature project in September.



Demo Tour – A Smash Hit

It’s mid-summer in Ontario and the Fusion Stone Demo Tour continues to make its way across the province. Starting out in Quebec in early May and beginning the Ontario leg of the tour in early July, this second year of the tour is proving to be every bit as big a success as the first.

The Fusion Stone Demo Tour is a great way for both retail consumers and contractors to learn and see for themselves just how easy the Fusion Stone system makes it is to install this fabulous looking thin stone veneer product. Customers can step right up to the Fusion Stone demo table and, with a little direction from the Demo Tour team, install a piece or two of our stone and be surprised and impressed by just how easy it is.

Fusion Stone comes in three great styles and multiple colours that meet just about every design vision you might have for application both inside or out. Whether it’s a feature wall, a back splash, the side of your home or maybe a BBQ surround, Fusion Stone is certain to contribute something special to the look of your next project.

So, keep an eye out for the Fusion Stone Demo Tour featuring the custom Fusion Stone Hummer. Try Fusion Stone for yourself and get a chance to win $5,000 worth of Fusion Stone for you own project. Also, check our website regularly for the latest Demo Tour schedule.

If you happen to miss the tour, remember that Fusion Stone is available at over 1,500 locations across Canada so there is bound to be somewhere close by where you can see and order Fusion Stone.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Keeping You Informed

A well-informed customer is one of the greatest assets a business can possess. We believe the more you know about the superior quality and other great features of Fusion Stone, the more likely you are to purchase our products, be happy with them and share your positive experience with family and friends.

We thought it may be interesting to share with you some of the things we do to communicate the Fusion Stone story.

An obvious place to begin is the Fusion Stone website. Most people will begin their product research with a visit to the web site. We are continually improving our site as technologies improve, consumer expectations evolve and as we introduce new products and programs.

We publish 4 blogs every month that can be found on our website. You are reading one right now. These blogs provide information about Fusion Stone projects and installation and up to date industry information we hope will make an informed buying decision easier and faster. Our website archives these blogs so one can search for specific topics.

We post an email every month that shares our blogs and other helpful, newsworthy information with a select list of recipients. Visit the website and sign up to join our email list.

Consumer Shows
We value the opportunity to get face-to-face with customers. Consumer shows provide that opportunity and give potential customers a chance to see for themselves just how easy Fusion Stone is to install.

Demo Tour
Speaking of face-to-face interaction, the Fusion Stone Demo Tour that operates throughout the spring and summer months in Ontario and Quebec is hugely popular with both consumers and retail stores that sell Fusion Stone. To find out if the Fusion Stone Demo Tour Team and custom Hummer is visiting near you check out the web site for the most up-to-date schedule.

We provide displays to our retail partners to ensure that both their customers and ours are exposed at the point-of-purchase to the quality and benefits that Fusion Stone provides. Besides pictures of finished Fusion Stone projects, many of these displays feature physical product and an overview of how easy it is to install Fusion Stone.

So, you can see how we endeavour to keep our customers, both retail and trade, informed about Fusion Stone. The more facts they have about Fusion Stone the more they will appreciate the great value our products represent and how fantastic Fusion Stone looks in a finished project.

Why Use Fusion Stone?


Picking the right stone veneer product might seem like quite the task. If you head to your local big-box hardware store, it’s not hard to get lost in all of the different products that are on the market. But, choosing our products means choosing a company that cares about you and your home. Check out all the reasons why Fusion Stone remains one of Canada’s number one choices for stone veneer products.

This has been our focus for decades

Creating high-quality products and offering top-notch service has been our focus for over 70 years, and in that time, we have gained the trust and respect of our customers and others in the industry. We carry and maintain a wide selection of products and colors and are always looking for ways to improve. We are also extremely proud to be in our third generation of 100% Canadian family ownership.

Quality and application

We make our products with the absolute highest standards in mind, and our attention to detail is unmatched. We also make them easy to use and install. Whether you are a contractor, experienced handyperson or a first timer, with just a few simple tools you can use our products to take on almost any project.


Our three different styles of stone veneer can be used virtually anywhere inside and outside of your home. Whatever style you’re looking for, our products will deliver it. Use Great Lakes for a rugged and traditional appearance, or try Dry-Stack to produce a uniform and highly-finished look. Our newest product, Peninsula Ledgestone, will please anyone looking for the traditional strength and appeal of stone with a contemporary look. All our products come in diverse and modern colours.

We’re always here to help

Our help doesn’t stop after you buy our products. We are by your side every step of the way. We offer installation tips, videos, guides and style tips to help you get your project done quickly and precisely. We are always available by phone or email to answer any installation or technical questions you may have.

Our warranty is second to none

Any company can sell you a product, but we take it a step further with our offer of a lifetime of maintenance-free performance for all of our products. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products, and that’s where the Lifetime Guarantee comes in. We guarantee for life the structural, aesthetic and performance integrity of our products, and a guarantee of strength and performance when used on buildings that conform to proper building codes and are installed following our installation guidelines.

You can find us virtually anywhere

With over 1,500 dealers in our national network, finding our products is convenient and easy. We also offer a store locator to help you narrow down the closest store to you to save you time and money.

Fusion Stone Elevates Business

Part of the way some businesses differentiate themselves is via physical appearance inside and out. This can be particularly effective for businesses that have associations with a particular theme.

Our feature project this month is a case in point. This business, with its genesis in the Muskoka region of Ontario, takes advantage of the rugged wood and rock characteristics associated with this beautiful and popular tourist and cottage destination of the province.


The muted reds and greens, together with the neutral browns are completely reflective of the Muskoka region. The window awnings and several faux dormers are also reminiscent of Muskoka cottage country.

The inspired use of Fusion Stone Great Lakes thin stone veneer in the popular Brindle colour completes the picture and sets the appropriate scene at the entryway. The raw wooden beams and posts perfectly complement the stone work.

You can readily appreciate how all of the elements of this design have been selected with care and intelligence. Together they present a welcoming, Muskoka-like impression that invites one to step inside to experience and enjoy the food and ambience.

Don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in three distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also available at over 1,500 locations across Canada. Ask your building supply retailer about Fusion Stone and visit

Watch for our next feature project in August.