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Increase the Value of Your Home

There’s no doubt that installing Fusion Stone veneer is a great way to enhance the look of your home, both inside and out. In terms of the cost and ease of installation in relation to the end result, not much can match it.

But have you ever thought about the other outstanding reason for upgrading your property with our stone veneer siding?

As well as beautifying your home, installing Fusion Stone also increases its value.

Attractive to buyers

When you consider the improved look of your property after installing stone veneer siding, perhaps the idea of enjoying it while you are living in the property is all you really think about. You know that it gives your house a traditional yet unique look, and you know that your neighbours will admire it as much as you do.
So, when the time comes to sell your property, why wouldn’t potential buyers be impressed too?

Of course, they will be.

Because Fusion Stone doesn’t look like veneer, your home will stand out, both in the neighbourhood and in the eyes of those looking to buy a property.

An easy improvement 

Compared to other home improvement projects, Fusion Stone is relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Although a very cost-effective project, we know that money isn’t everything, and your time and sanity are precious too. Because Fusion Stone is simple enough to be installed by almost anyone, the project is relatively quick, and stress-free compared to other ways of increasing the value of your house.

Because Fusion Stone can be used in both exterior and interior applications, and can be fitted to any wall, your project can be as big or as small as you like. Either way, the value of your property will increase accordingly.

Not just for decoration

Good quality exterior stone veneer is more than just a pretty face.

Even with what our winters throw at us, Fusion Stone comes with a lifetime guarantee. This isn’t just because we have the utmost respect for our customers (although we really do). It’s also because we have the utmost confidence in the quality of our products.

Properly installing stone veneer to your house is a great way of protecting it. Every type of Fusion Stone is strong, hardwearing, water repellent, maintenance free, and complies with all applicable building code requirements.

When someone is buying a house, your house, they will pay more for this kind of protection from the elements.

Especially when it looks so good too.

An investment for now and for the future

Stone veneer installation does enhance the look of your property, of course. That in itself is a great reason to invest in a Fusion Stone project, but it isn’t the only one. Would you be prepared to pay more for something that looked this great and was guaranteed for life. You probably would.

And if you would, so would other people.

Please visit our website at or give us a call at 800.265.3174 for more information.

Design Trends in Edmonton in 2019

Amazing music, hockey and nature photos aren’t the only wonderful things to come out of Edmonton. The northernmost North American city with over one million people is also a large melting pot of style and design trends. Diverse colours, patterns and furnishings take the main stage for design trends in 2019. Here’s what we expect to see:

Patterns take the stage – Large scale use of patterns as a focal point is on the rise. Fabric, tile and stone veneer are just a few of the ways that you can incorporate various textures and patterns into a space. Also, don’t be afraid to mesh a few of them together to create your own distinctive look.

Project Idea – If you’re looking to infuse some patterns into a space, consider using any one of our products to add contours to a room. An accent wall is an excellent way to add a diverse and stunning appearance to any bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Warm or neutral colours – Consider choosing colours for your room that have warm, earthy or neutral tones. Tan, warm browns or red-brown can be infused with accent shades of green, yellows or reds. A neutral jumping off point can be grey, particularly dark, with some blues and cream colours splashed in.

Project idea – All of our products come in colours to match any warm or neutral room design. Whether it’s the rusty charm and charcoal multi-hues of our Brindle colour, the more subdued Raven or the dusky Fawn, we have the colours to help keep your space looking modern. Consider adding a border in your living room to offset other corresponding tones.

Rustic and modern – The intermingling of rustic and modern furnishings is big for 2019, especially in the kitchen. A great example of this would be mixing unlacquered brass or silver faucets with a stainless-steel sink.

Project idea – Use one of our products on your kitchen island or walls. The rustic beauty of stone will meld together with any modern stylings that you have.


Minimalistic – Modern trends revolve around a stripped down, sleek and comfortable space. Large appliances or art pieces are out. Simple and functional items are in.

Project idea – If you decide to go down the minimalistic road, think about using our products around your space. Consider framing Fusion Stone around your doorways or windowsills to add visual depth and complexity, while not taking up any space.

Vintage is in, again – This seems to be a reoccurring trend over the past few years, but buying vintage or previously enjoyed furnishings is still extremely relevant. In this world of overabundance, people are looking to reduce the stress they put on the earth. Thrift stores are a haven for wonderful and one-of-a-kind items that just can’t be found in big box stores.

Project idea – Our latest product, Peninsula Ledgestone, offers the traditional and rugged appearance of old stonework. Try adding it around a fireplace mantel to intertwine with your vintage furnishings.

Try out any of these design trends in your own space, and let us help you keep your space looking modern and beautiful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fusion Stone is the do-it-yourself masonry that you can actually do yourself. As true as that statement is, there are questions that come up from time to time which we are very happy to answer. This blog is dedicated to providing answers to some of the more frequent questions we receive from our customers.

We hope that you will find it helpful. If you have questions of your own, please let us know. We love helping people beautify their homes inside and out with Fusion Stone.

What is Fusion Stone?
Fusion Stone is a revolutionary, high-quality, manufactured concrete, thin stone veneer. It is the only thin stone system on the market that mechanically fastens each piece to the wall by using stainless steel Fusion Stone clips and screws. This ensures that, even with movement in the walls, the stones stay in place when installed during low or high temperatures or wet or dry conditions that can affect the adhesion of traditionally adhered stone installation methods. Fusion Stone is made with all-natural stone ingredients on high quality, purpose built, and state-of-the-art production equipment.

What are the benefits of using Fusion Stone?
Fusion Stone is the premier thin stone veneer, designed to be the highest quality system on the market. It is the easiest to install, offers a look of distinction and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. All Fusion Stone products have colour throughout the full body of the stone, NOT just a coloured surface treatment. This means unmatched resistance to fading, scratches, chips, scuffs, and general real-world wear and tear.

Can Fusion Stone be applied to any surface?
Yes. Fusion Stone products are designed to be installed on wood frame, steel stud, masonry and pre-cast wall sections. Fusion can be installed over existing brick as long as the brick wall is structurally sound and was designed as a load bearing wall. Not all veneer brick walls qualify.

Can I install Fusion Stone myself?
Absolutely! Many jobs have been completed with excellent results by justly proud home handy-men and women. The driving factor in the design and development of Fusion Stone was to keep the system simple yet durable, while presenting the most naturally beautiful stone finish.

How does Fusion Stone compare with other stone veneer products?
The cost of Fusion Stone is competitive with most thin stone and is substantially lower than natural stone. Fusion Stone comes packaged as a system, with the clips, screws, and driver included in your kit. The big saving with Fusion Stone is that it installs faster and easier than other thin stone products.

Added to this, Fusion Stone can be used in places where full bed depth masonry cannot, without the extra cost of wall structure modifications or the need of a footing. Standard masonry stone requires a brick ledge to support the weight of the stone. Fusion Stone does not require a brick ledge because it is mechanically fastened. This means the stones are fastened to the wall with stainless steel Fusion Stone clips. The end result looks exactly like standard full bed depth masonry, even to the experts.

All Fusion Stone products are coloured throughout the full body of the stone. This is an advantage over other thin stone products that are surface-coated and which show scratches and chips.

How long does Fusion Stone last and is there a warranty?
When installed according to the installation guidelines, Fusion Stone will last a lifetime and is backed by a product lifetime guarantee.

Where can I install Fusion Stone?
Fusion Stone is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Fusion Stone incorporates rain-screen wall technology that allows it to perform to high standards, even in the harshest environments.

We hope these answers address any questions you might have about Fusion Stone. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to know. You’re going to enjoy the installation experience and rally love the end result.

Indoor Ideas with Fusion Stone

We’re getting to that time of the year when we spend more of our time indoors. It’s great to snuggle in with a book or binge-watch a show surrounded by the warm comforts of home. Plus, people are generally less busy in the fall and winter than during the summer months, which is why this is the perfect time of the year to take on a few indoor DIY projects.

Considering an indoor project? Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Indoor Projects You Can DIY

Fireplaces – A fireplace is a great space to sit around and relax. Make it stand out even more by adding Fusion Stone to the mantel. This easy décor tip will give the area a rugged, cabin-like feel.

Accent wall – Add a splash of character to any room of your home by adding an accent wall. It’s a small job that offers big results.

Kitchen island – Turn your kitchen island into a place your family will want to sit around. Fusion Stone can add a much-needed dash of colour and contour to your kitchen’s focal point.

Bathroom – Bathrooms can be very easily transformed from boring to beautiful. Integrate Fusion Stone with a paint colour of your choice. Do half stone and half paint for an amazing visual result.

Office – Turn your office into your own private oasis and you’ll find you’re much more efficient. Add a stone border, accent wall or use Fusion Stone for the whole room.

Basement or rec room – Convert your basement into a games room or add a bar area. Our products can help make any space your own personal lounge for entertaining and relaxing.

Mess-Free Indoor Projects

A big problem with most indoor projects is the mess, but thanks to our stainless-steel clip design, when you use Fusion Stone there is no mess to clean up. You just screw the pieces in instead of using mortar or other messy products.

We’ve made Fusion Stone especially easy to use. With the help of just a few tools, you can take on a project and feel like an expert. Not needing a laundry list of tools means less clutter and tripping hazards around your work area. It also allows you to finish the job faster, which means more time enjoying the fruits of your labour.

A house is just that until you turn it into a home. Taking on projects inside allows you to really make a space your own. Considering the status of the housing market, many homeowners are choosing to stay where they are and transform their existing home.

With so many reason to take on an indoor project this fall or winter, what are you waiting for? Be productive indoors with Fusion Stone!

One Day DIY Projects

Taking on a project around your home can be stressful. It can take a lot of planning, money and time. But time is probably something that you don’t have an abundance of. That’s why we’ve created materials that can be used for either largescale projects that may take days or weeks, or smaller DIY projects that can be fully completed in a day.

Why we make our products the way we do

We realize that not everyone is a renovating professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a home that gives off that impression. We make strong, life-lasting and beautiful stone veneer products so that anyone can become a DIY specialist. Less stress and more time spent in your favourite space with your favourite people is what it’s all about.

What makes our products suitable for a one-day project?

Our products have a slew of characteristics that allow them to be used in a one-day DIY project like a backsplash or outdoor firepit:

Easy to use – Our products can be installed by amateurs and professionals alike. We have designed a simple to install product that utilizes stainless steel clips and screws. Using the installation tips and videos located on our website, anyone can become a Fusion Stone expert!

Only a few tools are needed – You won’t need to rush out to buy or rent any expensive tools to install our products. Just a few basic tools, such as a tape measure, level and rubber head hammer are all you need to get started.

Simple clean up – Since our products don’t require mortar for installation, cleanup is a breeze.

Our products our easy to find – With over 1,500 dealers in our national network, finding our products couldn’t be more convenient. This means less time driving around getting supplies, and more time completing your project.

One-day project ideas

Here are just a few suggestions for projects you can complete yourself in just one day.

Kitchen island or backsplash – Add elements of texture and colour to any kitchen island or backsplash. No matter the size or style of your kitchen, an island could be fully sided, or a backsplash added in no time at all, while creating a rugged and traditional effect to any kitchen.

Accent wall – Make a statement in any room with an accent wall. Whether you’re adding character to an office or bathroom, or sprucing up a spare bedroom, an accent wall is a simple project with massive results.

Around a fireplace – If you have an indoor or outdoor fireplace, consider adding one of our products on the chimney or to help frame it. It adds robust contours and a highly-finished appearance that helps make something beautiful stand out even more.

Add to a deck – Try encasing your deck with our products. It will rejuvenate any style of deck and add new life to it. The offset appearance of our stone veneer is visually appealing, while adding a contemporary or historic look, depending on what product you choose to install.


Our Win $5,000 of Fusion Stone Contest will soon be over. The contest closes on October 31, 2018. This your chance to win $5,000 worth of your choice of Fusion Stone products.

To enter, go to the Fusion Stone website at and complete the quick and easy entry form. It’s that easy! Contest rules can be found here:

Whether you win the contest or not, Fusion Stone is a great way to update your home or business both inside and out. And you can do it yourself with just a few basic tools.

Select from three Fusion Stone profiles and multiple colour choices. Great Lakes, our #1 seller, has a rugged, traditional feel. Dry-Stack, as its name suggests, is tightly stacked with a clean, finished appearance. Peninsula Ledgestone, the newest member of the Fusion Stone family, features the contemporary look of variable length runs that are offset both vertically and horizontally. Fusion Stone really does offer something for everyone!

And don’t forget, all three Fusion Stone styles are mortar-free which means quick installation with very little mess. No fuss, no muss.

For more information about Fusion Stone visit our website at and be sure to enter the contest. Good luck!

Quick and Easy Installation

The most difficult phase of Fusion Stone installation is choosing a style and colour. Fusion Stone is available in three distinct styles, and those styles come in several incredible colours.

Great Lakes is our most popular product. With mortar-free installation and a rugged and traditional look, Great Lakes offers elegance to any project. It comes in four diverse and enchanting colours – Brindle, Raven, Carbon and Fawn.

Dry-Stack also offers innovation in its mortar-less installation. It’s easy to install, while also being mess free. Dry-Stack produces an incredible, unvarying and highly-finished look to any part of your home. It comes in two style-altering colours: Caramel and Charcoal.

Peninsula Ledgestone is the newest addition to the Fusion Stone lineup. It has been designed to appeal to anyone searching for a more contemporary look. Its stylish appearance comes from its tightly-packed composition and variety in length and width. Each piece offsets the next both vertically and horizontally. It also comes in two eye-catching colours: Cyprus and Grotto.

Installing Fusion Stone

First, get your tools together (you’ll have most if not all of the required tools around your home already). You’re now ready to get started. Fusion Stone has everything you need to successfully and quickly install your stone veneer.

Before you begin, read through our installation guides and take a look at our detailed installation drawings. These resources have all the information you need for each product. The installation guides specifically tell you how to:

• Prepare your surface (including flashing and moisture barriers for exterior walls)
• Install the starter strip
• Where to begin installing your Fusion Stone (i.e., start Great Lakes at the corner)
• How to lay the last stone.

The guides also tell you how to install inside corners, cut a side slot, install sills, and trim stones. These installation guides are great to print off (they’re only a few pages long) and have on hand while you’re working on your project.

But not everyone likes to read instructions. If you’d prefer to see what you need to do check out our installation videos in which our experts walk you through the installation process and how to troubleshoot any challenges.

That’s it! DIY projects are made easier when Fusion Stone is involved. In just four simple steps you can complete your next renovation project and make a big difference in the look of your home.

Stone Veneer in Million Dollar Homes in Ontario

A house is just that until you make it your own. That’s when it becomes a home. It’s the little nuances that really help to make a space feel like home.

Even a large, million-dollar homes in Ontario are personalized easily and effectively with Fusion Stone. No matter the make, size or style of your estate, with the right materials you can transform your home into whatever you’d like it to be.

More space means bigger projects

A bigger home means bigger projects, which works out perfectly with the big ideas that our products are designed to bring to life.

Why pack up and move into a new home when you can utilize and alter the one you’re already in? With Fusion Stone you can magically transform full exteriors and make your home look brand new.

Surround your large patio or deck in Fusion Stone to offer a rugged, elegant and distinctive appearance that will turn your million-dollar home into a stunning work of art.

Get started with these big ideas

Try using Great Lakes for the exterior walls of your home. The no mortar, easy installation that our products offer give a traditional visual effect, while still providing a robust and inviting feeling. With Great Lakes you have a great selection of colours. Choose between the rusty hues of Brindle, the subdued tones of Raven, the cloudy Carbon look, or the subtler dusky Fawn.

Our Dry-Stack product adds to your home’s exterior or interior walls to offset other building materials your home may have already incorporated. Dry-Stack offers a highly-finished and uniform look, highlighting the strength and sturdiness of traditional stone. Dry-Stack comes in two magnificent colours: Charcoal and Caramel.

If you’re looking to add a contemporary look to your home, then look no further than our product, Peninsula Ledgestone. It’s the newest member of the Fusion Stone family, and its popularity is easy to understand. Peninsula Ledgestone is tightly stacked with variable lengths and widths. Each piece is offset to give you a personalized, ‘never been done before’ look. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to add the traditional appeal of stone to a contemporary design in a billiards room or wine cellar.

Big homes mean big projects. Choose Fusion Stone for your next project. Our products are available at over 1,500 dealers in our national network. Find one close to you today and transform your home into the space you want it to be.

Yes, Durability is Still Important

Yes, Durability is Still Important

In our modern era of mass-production, having pride in something that is well-made is sometimes lost along the way. This is where Fusion Stone stands apart. Our strong beliefs in superior manufacturing practices are evident in the quality of our work, the durability of our products and the warranty that stands behind them.

Why These Things Matter to Us

There are many reasons that we are committed to ensuring our products meet the highest standards. We are customer-first oriented and we respect and honour the bonds that we create with our customers. Our eye for detail is unwavering and we are continually looking for ways to improve. Our third generation, 100% Canadian ownership showcases the values that we hold as a company and family, which is to make products that are unmatched in quality, beauty, variety and style.

Durability is A Measure of Quality

Producing something that looks great is important, but just as important is how long it lasts. We only produce top quality stone veneer and stand behind our products with unwavering certainty. We offer a Guarantee of Strength and Performance on all of our products, as long as they are installed in full accordance with installation guidelines and conform to local building codes.

The Lifetime Guarantee

We are very proud to offer a lifetime of maintenance-free performance on all our products, but we have gone even further in our dedication to our customers.

The only thing stronger than our products and the passion we have for making them is our Lifetime Guarantee. Your complete satisfaction is extremely vital to us, which is why we guarantee, for life, the structural, aesthetic and performance integrity of all of our products.

Our warranty does not cover what we have no control over, such as building settlement, wall movement, contact with chemicals and airborne containments that may affect the integrity of our products.

We are CCMC approved!

As if our products, durability and warranty weren’t enough to showcase our commitment to manufacturing the best products possible, we are also CCMC approved (#14008-R). The Canadian Construction Materials Centre, which operates within the National Research Council of Canada, offers a national evaluation service for a variety of building construction materials. Essentially, this means that our products have been recognized by Canada as an excellent choice to be used in any commercial and residential building.

With so many products on the market, it can be tough to know which one to choose. We believe that through the high-quality products we make, the support we offer, and our extensive warranty, we make the decision that much easier. Contact us to find out more about our warranty and get a free estimate on your next DIY project.

Style in Vancouver

Canada definitely has a reputation for being laid back and relaxed, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Vancouver. As the third-most populated city in the country, it is a rich pot of cultural diversity that blends the customs and values of its inhabitants to form its own distinct style.

Here is a list of some of the biggest design trends for Vancouver in 2018.

Good bye cold grey, hello warm earth tones

This concept is something that seems to flip flop from year to year, and this year, grey is out and inviting earth tones are back in. Beige, greens and browns are being used together to create warm and inviting colour schemes that offer relaxation to anyone who embraces it. Even simple accent pieces are enough to put this style trend into action.

Splashes of colour

Since white stylings and furnishings never seem to fade out of style, a new way to enhance that look is to throw splashes of colour into the mix. It’s a great way to keep a room looking neat and simple, while allowing the accessories to add some fun to the space. A white wall with a colourful painting is an excellent example of this design technique. Tossing a vibrant throw pillow or blanket on your neutral-coloured couch is another way to make this design trend come to life.

Sticking to one main colour and two accent colours

This is a very important style trend, especially for anyone living in a small space. Don’t convolute your space by having too many distracting colours. Keep it simple with one main colour and add one or two accent colours to create a look that is clean and inviting.

Recycled and vintage

This trend is all about making something old feel new again. There is no better way to create your own design style then recycling old furniture or buying vintage pieces. You can use your imagination to its fullest extent, and make a masterpiece out of something that still has a lot of life left in it. Buying vintage furniture is also a way to separate your space from one that is stuffed with boring furnishings from a big box store. Plus, you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint.

Sculptural statements

Sculpting is one of humanity’s oldest art forms, so why not have a piece as furniture or as a conversation starter? Sculptural living-room chairs are something new and bold that can liven up any space. They’re not only fun to look at but are functional as well. Check out any art shows that local artists may be having in your neighbourhood. You can find that perfect piece, while also supporting your local arts.

Add Fusion Stone to your project

Our products have many benefits that make them extremely useful for those living in Western Canada. Besides being extremely affordable, easy to install and elegant looking, our products can be installed in all types of weather. They also can be installed onto new and existing walls with very minimal tools, time and mess. With a wide variety of styles and colours, Fusion Stone is here to help you with your next DIY project. Check out our website for how-to-guides and videos that will help you each step of the way.