Elevate Your Home – New app feature lets you see before you buy

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For some DIYers the work involved in the project isn’t the major hurdle. Many of our customers are very handy, but they have a hard time choosing the colour and material that is right for their space. With Fusion Stone you don’t have to hire a designer to help you visualize the right colours and materials for your space.


With Fusion Stone’s new mobile app feature, transforming your home is as easy as tapping your tablet. Whether you’re re-facing the exterior of your home, adding a backsplash, accentuating your fireplace or upgrading your curb appeal this new app feature allows you to ‘try on’ Fusion Stone’s different stone products and colours to ensure you make the perfect design selections for your project.

Simplify Your Design Decisions

How is this possible? Just follow the step-by-step instructions. You can try different Fusion Stone styles and colours on the several sample homes provided. To upload your own image, begin by simply drawing and measuring your space. The app will overlay your product and colour selection on the image, giving you an accurate representation of how your choice will look in your space.


Once you’re satisfied, you can save your creation in your customized project gallery for an easy comparison that you can access any time. Narrowing down your choices and selecting the right Fusion Stone product and colour has never been easier (or more fun).

Select Your Stone from the Comfort of Your Home

Other brands require you to visit a store to see their products first hand. Then, you have to imagine how each product and stone colour will look in your home based on project photos of other people’s spaces.


With the app you can visualize what Fusion Stone’s  Great Lakes, or Dry-Stack products will look like in your own space without worrying about how the lighting, colours and size of your home will affect the final appearance.

Other great app features

Besides being able to visualize Fusion Stone in your own space the mobile app is loaded with other features that make it useful, fun and easy to learn and see everything about Fusion Stone. You can review many finished projects, both inside and out, that are great demonstrations of both the beauty and versatility of Fusion Stone. You can review full, tablet size style and colour swatches for a realistic indication of what Fusion Stone looks like. Find out what tools you will need and browse through the step-by-step installation instructions to discover how quick and easy Fusion Stone can be as a DIY project. The app even includes an estimator so you can easily calculate how much Fusion Stone you will require for any job. Fusion Stone also has several accessories you can check out on the app so you can add that special finished touch to the job. Once you have decided on Fusion Stone for your project, use the app to find a dealer near you. If you have specific questions about your project, the app can connect you with one of our stone geniuses to help you out.


Fusion Stone’s new app is a fun, easy and powerful tool to help homeowners make the right design choices for their projects. Download the app today to get started!

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