The Fusion Stone App — Enhanced Customer Service at Your Fingertips

Posted by Fusion Stone


Apps give us the ability to instantly and easily do a number of things through our hand held devices. Whether you’ve got a mobile phone or tablet, with an app you can connect to the information you need, get expert advice, access knowledge and communicate with others instantly, on the go.

With the Fusion Stone app you get accurate, up-to-date product information, guides and samples which you can use while you’re out shopping, or while you’re at home or on the job-site. This app makes choosing the right Fusion Stone products effortless and with access to the DIY Masonry Guide you can have any installation questions answered instantly so that your project isn’t delayed.

Fusion Stone’s free app is available for download  for Android, Apple and Microsoft devices. Check out Google Play Store, Apple App Store and the Microsoft Store to download the app, which features a:

  • DIY Masonry Guide, including:
  1. Lists of the tools you need to install Fusion Stone (this is a must have while you’re out at the hardware store)
  2. A step-by-step installation guide with pictures to help you install your Fusion Stone kit in four easy steps
  • Complete, current catalogue featuring up-close visual swatches of each type and colour combination of stone veneer – choosing materials has never been easier!
  • Stone accessory guide
  • Project inspiration gallery which provide ideas for your current or next home project
  • Square footage estimator
  • Dealer locator – find a Fusion Stone dealer near you

The Fusion Stone app gives customers instant access to expert advice and the power to make design decisions on the spot. With material lists and easy installation instructions you’ll find installing your next stone veneer project is simple and fast. The Fusion Stone app takes customer service to a whole new level.

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