Fusion Stone’s Mobile App Doesn’t Compromise on User Experience

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Stone is one of the most traditional building materials available today. It has been in use for thousands of years, and with good reason: it is as strong as it is beautiful.

Fusion Stone brings this age-old building material into the modern world, using a revolutionary system to make stone an affordable option for almost any homeowner. Fusion Stone is committed to modernising the medium of stone and making it more accessible than ever before. As part of this commitment, Fusion Stone has created a new mobile app, loaded with useful and interactive features consumers will love.

The centre-piece of the app is called ELEVATE Your Home. With this feature transforming your home is as easy as tapping your tablet. Whether you’re re-facing the exterior of your home, adding a backsplash, accentuating your fireplace or upgrading your curb appeal, ELEVATE Your Home allows you to ‘try on’ any Fusion Stone style or colour to ensure you make the perfect design selections for your project.

With just a tap of your finger you can see what Fusion Stone will look like on either a selection of provided home images or on your own home uploaded to the app. The app will overlay your product and colour selection on the image, giving you an accurate representation of how your choice will look in your space.


STEP 1 – Upload Your Photo
Upload a photo of your home or choose one of the sample homes.


STEP 2 – Outline Your Project
Simply outline the surface you want to see Fusion Stone applied to with a touch of your finger.


STEP 3 – Choose Your Stone
Once your outline is complete, choose from any of the Fusion Stone swatches at the bottom of our screen to see your project come alive.

Once you’re satisfied, you can save your creation in your customized project gallery that you can access any time. Narrowing down your choices and selecting the right Fusion Stone product and colour has never been easier (or more fun).

Other great app features

ELEVATE Your Home is just the beginning. Other useful features make it fun and easy to learn and see everything about Fusion Stone. Here is a list of some of these helpful tools:

  • Fusion Stone Dealer Locator to find your nearest Fusion Stone product retailer so you can spend less time buying your stone veneer and more time enjoying it.
  • DIY Masonry Guides which include:
    • A list of all the tools that you will need to complete your Fusion Stone project.
    • A step-by-step installation guide complete with detailed photos and diagrams to help you install your Fusion Stone Kit in just four simple steps.
  • A Square Footage Estimator useful for calculating how much stone veneer you will need to complete a project, and for calculating the square footage for your project.
  • A Stone Accessory Guide for inspiration on how to spice up your Fusion Stone project.
  • Complete Product Catalogues (including full-screen swatches of every Fusion Stone type and colour) to better visualize Fusion Stone in your home.
  • An Inspiration Gallery full of Fusion Stone ideas to help you brainstorm your next big project.

Use the Fusion Stone app to manage your next Fusion Stone project from start to finish. Get inspired, choose your materials, determine how much stone veneer you need, find your nearest retailer, install your stone and then add the perfect accessories!

What Platforms Does the Fusion Stone Mobile App work on?

The Fusion Stone Mobile app can be downloaded to your Apple, Android, or Microsoft smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. It is available for free at the App Store, Google Play, or the Windows Store. The mobile app is optimised across all platforms, meaning you won’t lose any functionality regardless of the device you use. Not compromising user experience is an important quality of the app which is reflective of Fusion Stone’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

How to Get the Most Out of the Fusion Stone App

To get the most out of the Fusion Stone app be sure to update it when you are prompted. Just like your home, Fusion Stone is constantly looking to renovate and improve. These updates help ensure the mobile app continues to provide the best user experience. Updates will ensure that you receive all the latest information from Fusion Stone, so you’ll never have the frustration of receiving out-dated product information.

Fusion Stone’s new app is a fun, easy and powerful tool to help homeowners make the right design choices for their projects. Download the app now and have fun!

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