Visualizing Your Fusion Stone Project from Home

July 19, 2021

Designing a Fusion Stone project is always exciting. Now you can do it from the convenience and comfort of your computer with our flexible and easy to use Visualizer tool.

We strive to continually optimize this tool for you and your projects, and so we’ve recently added further functionality to the Fusion Visualizer. To help round out your designs, you can now customize both the entry doors and exterior windows to your liking. A great deal of options are available for their configurations, colours, trims, sides, handles, and brickmould.

The Visualizer tool gives you several design options. First, it allows you to Prepare It Yourself. With this option you can:

  1. Visualize our products on a sample photo to help get you inspired. A selection of images is available for you to choose from, or
  2. Upload a photo to see what our products and colours will look like on your own home.


Another professional option of ours is to work with Proview. This allows you to access assistance from our experts for the ultimate design experience.

Looking for an overview of the process? The following will give you an idea of the steps required to utilize the various Visualizer options. Your next great project awaits!

Design from a sample image

  • Begin by reviewing the image gallery to see what our products look like on a property similar to your own.
    • This is a great way to get quick inspiration, review our products and colours and learn how the Visualizer tool works.
  • Select a sample home image.
  • Select your preferred product and colour.
  • Apply your product and colour choices to the selected image.
  • You can even save a draft version of your design to share with your family, friends, contractor or installer.


Design from an image of your home

  • Upload a photo to review our products and colours on your own home.
  • You can even include such things as trees and planters in your design.


Work with an expert

  • If you would prefer to work with an expert you can order a Proview.
  • You will receive professional help and advice throughout the design process or just when you feel you require it.
  • This is a great option when you are in the final stages of your design planning.


Once your design is complete it’s time to find a Fusion Stone dealer. There are over 1,000 dealers across Canada, and the one nearest to you is sure to be knowledgeable and ready to help.

You‘re going to enjoy working with the Fusion Stone Visualizer tool, and we at Fusion hope you will take great pride not only in developing your own design, but in the great-looking finished product you are certain to achieve and bring to life.

For more about Fusion Stone, please call us at 800.265.3174 of visit our website at