Bring your

vision to life

without making

a purchase!

The Elevate with Fusion Stone App raises DIY to a whole new level by bringing your project to life. For example, upload your own photo and experience what any style or colour of Fusion Stone will look like on or in your home. Alternatively, take the app for a test spin with one of our sample projects.

The app also gives you access to everything you will want to know about Fusion Stone products, installation, the lifetime guarantee, and much more.

Online Catologue

Styles & Colours

Square ft. calculator

Store Locator

Installation Steps

As simple as the following steps!

Step 1 :Upload Your Photo

Upload a photo of your home or choose one of the
sample homes.

Step 2 :Outline Your Project

Simply outline the surface you want to see Fusion
Stone applied to with a touch of your finger!

Step 3 :Choose Your Stone!

Once your outline is complete, choose from any of
the Fusion Stone swatches at the bottom of your
screen to see your project come alive!



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Download Now!

Haven’t finished your project or just want to hold onto your ideas? Save your project and review it anytime you like. There’s no better way to bring an idea to life than with the Elevate with Fusion Stone App.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] We’ll be happy to help transform your vision into reality.