Where is Shallow Lake?

April 25, 2020

Shallow Lake is the home of Fusion Stone. The Contact Us section of our website identifies our location as:

281227 Shouldice Block Road
Shallow Lake, Ontario N0H 2K0

But it is so much more than that. To us it is also home. The Shouldice family, manufacturers of Fusion Stone via Shouldice Designer Stone, has been involved with the Shallow Lake community for 4 generations. See our Company History blog here.

From a geographic perspective Shallow Lake is located at 44.6146°N, 81.0853°W. This places it in the Grey County in the province of Ontario near the base of the Bruce Peninsula and approximately midway between Lake Huron to the west and Georgian Bay to the east. The closest large municipality is Owen Sound.
Shallow Lake Sign
Shallow Lake had its earliest beginnings in 1862 but did not begin to take form until around 1877 when a post office and general store were built. In 1888 the Shallow Lake cement works (which became The North American Chemical, Mining and Manufacturing Company Limited) began to process local marl and clay to form Portland cement, the first commercially manufactured in Canada, through until 1913. This formed the industrial heart of the Village which now includes Shouldice Designer Stone and SPI Industries.

If the great outdoors is your thing, then Shallow Lake and surrounding area is for you. You can take your choice of great beaches, caving and climbing, cycling, fishing, golf, hiking and more in the summer. In winter there is skiing/snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice skating. There are also lots of places to eat, drink, stay and explore, whatever your interest. Click here for more information.
Shallow Lake downtown
The Shouldice family is proud of its heritage and its commitment to Shallow Lake. Their business success has afforded them the privilege to provide stable employment to over 100 people and to be recognized as a leading and valued regional business.
In one effort to provide support and give back to the community, Shouldice provided resources to create Shouldice Park, a recreational centre primarily for the enjoyment of community children.
The family is also very involved with local minor hockey. This assistance has taken the form of both financial and time commitments over the years. For example, the family provides free hockey for any player’s first year.
We are proud of what the Shouldice family has accomplished since 1947 but every bit as proud to be part of the Shallow Lake community. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. This is home!