All in the Family

February 19, 2019

Nothing is more important than family. It’s a bond that thrives in the good times and bad. It’s a group of people that offer strength when you need it, whether that be a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen or a smile when you need it most. Family is there to pick you up when you fall, and keep you going when things are going well. All of these principles can be found in the way that we conduct and run our business. Strong foundations and sticking by our customers, no matter what.

A family tradition

Fusion Stone is manufactured by Shouldice Designer Stone, who have a deep and proud history. For over 70 years, we have established ourselves as true pioneers who are heavily focused on innovation, quality and service. This dedication has allowed us to thrive, while becoming leaders in the stone and veneer industry.

We are now in our 3rd generation of 100% Canadian family ownership, and couldn’t be prouder of this fact. We wear it as a badge of honour that we have been able to help Canadians create the home of their dreams for so many years.


You don’t become a trusted leader in an industry without showing relentless dedication to the service of your customers. Our core values are and always have been the same:

  • Trusted by our customers
  • Innovation is vital
  • Strength in what we create
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Variety in our products
  • Style to suit any home.

Our products

You can’t become a viable company for decades based on words alone. Your actions and products need to speak for themselves, and our customer feedback has proven that we’ve accomplished that. We’re always striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction possible.

That’s why we created Fusion Stone, a patented clip system that is deigned to be installed on any existing wall or surface. This system utilizes stainless steel clips and screws that can be installed in any weather with only a few basic tools. We designed this system so that it can be installed by people with varying degrees of DIY experience.

Our product family includes Great Lakes, Peninsula Ledgestone and Dry-Stack, all distinct and stunning products in their own ways. They come in a variety of colours that are sure to match any home’s design style.

Great Lakes
Our best-selling Fusion Stone system, Great Lakes is available in a wide variety of colours and styles including Brindle, Raven, Fawn and Carbon. With no mortar required, Great Lakes is mess-free and easy to install, giving a rugged, traditional look to your project.

Peninsula Ledgestone

The newest member of the Fusion Stone family, Peninsula Ledgestone was developed to provide a contemporary stone veneer look. This modern choice is available in two colours – Grotto and Cyprus – and like Great Lakes doesn’t use mortar. That means that you can get the modern look you’re after without the mess using our simple patented DIY clip system.


Available in Charcoal or Caramel colours, Dry-Stack offers a mortar-free, no-mess installation option with the benefit of a modern, highly finished appearance. Like Great Lakes and Peninsula Ledgestone, this product is simple to install on the exterior of your home or office, around windows or doors, as wainscoting, and areas where you’ll use Dry-Stack to transition from the roof to the wall. It’s easy to achieve a beautiful, modern-look for your project with Dry-Stack.

Our promise to you

A product doesn’t mean a whole lot unless you can have complete confidence in it. At Fusion Stone we stand by everything we make, and our lifetime warranty showcases that. We are proud to offer on all of our products, a lifetime of maintenance-free performance. Our lifetime guarantee also promises the structural, aesthetic and performance integrity on all of our products for life.

A Guarantee of Strength and Performance is also promised on all Fusion Stone products when used properly on structures that follow local building codes and are installed following all installation guidelines.

Allow our family to help yours on your next DIY project. Find a dealer near you today, and let your vision become a reality.

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