Any Season is the Right Season for Fusion Stone Installation

September 10, 2020

Canadian weather often shuts down construction projects for a short period or for an entire season, depending upon the nature of the project. Sometimes wet, and especially cold weather simply do not permit projects to proceed at all or without significant additional expense.

Fusion Stone can be installed in just about any and all weather conditions.

Because the mechanically fastened installation of Fusion Stone is simple, quick and mortar-free there is no need for special hoarding and heating arrangements. Project sites can remain open and active and schedules can proceed uninterrupted. This saves time and money, things every project manager keeps a close eye on.

Another common weather/temperature related problem with some building products is that of contraction and expansion as a result of excessive cold or heat. Fusion Stone is virtually impervious to temperature-related contraction and expansion thanks to its product design.

As Fusion Stone can be installed year-round, there is no reason to wait till summer to begin that project you’ve been planning. It can be ready to go through the winter, or even before.

Upgrading the exterior façade of a home or business is a great project that can now be executed as quickly and easily in the winter as it would be in any other season.

With multiple styles, numerous colours and lots of helpful online installation tips, you can be up and going in no time.

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