Beauty in the Details: How Accessories Make Your Fusion Stone Project Even Better

May 24, 2019

The simplicity and elegance of Fusion Stone is what keeps our customers coming back. Fusion Stone is an exceptional stone veneer that can be utilized virtually anywhere with only a few tools – but we didn’t stop there. Many customers are surprised to learn that we have also created beautiful accessories designed to take your Fusion Stone project to the next level.

Accessories that are easy to use for any project
Do you like going the extra mile to achieve a jaw-dropping finish? If you believe that attention to detail takes a project to the next level, then our accessories are for you. Here’s how to enhance your project with Fusion Stone’s accessories:

Stencil stone – With stencil stone you can display your last name, address or any other information outside of your home in your stone veneer. Stencil stone can be snugly placed between any of our Great Lakes, Dry-Stack and Peninsula Ledgestone products and comes in three different sizes and colours to perfectly complement your home’s exterior.

Rock sill and Slope sill – Looking to add a distinct frame under your windows? Rock sill fits tightly under any-sized window and adds a complete, rugged texture to your home’s exterior. Slope sill also underlines your windows and is available in two diverse colours that will intertwine with your home’s exterior design.

Rectangle and round boxes – These fun boxes are a cool and functional way of framing outdoor electrical panels, lights or whatever else your imagination can come up with. Rectangular boxes are available in an ash or cocoa finish and make a stunning addition your home’s exterior.

Hearth stones – These impeccable stones can be used on the interior or exterior of your home to work as a base layer for a fireplace or wherever else you see fit. The stones are durable, complement a variety of styles and are extremely easy to install.

Starter strips – This product is the backbone of your Fusion Stone project. Starter strips are used at the base of all walls and above window and door openings. They’re super easy to install and add an extra level of strength for a polished and secured look.

Clips and screws – No project is complete without the right hardware. Every Fusion Stone order is packaged with more than enough clips and screws to get the job done right. If at any point you need more, they can always be ordered through your Fusion Stone dealer.

No matter the size or scale, kick your project up a notch by adding one of our specially designed accessories to any of your Fusion Stone projects. It’s the little things that really make a difference. To make your project stand out, get creative and have fun with our wide range of accessories.