Being Canadian

June 29, 2020

What’s so special about being Canadian? For everyone asked that question there is a different answer but they tend to follow common and often related themes. Some of those commonalities include things like freedom, compassion, integrity, friendliness, respect, and honesty.

Fusion Stone believes in these values and is proud to be a 100% Canadian owned and operated business with a reputation for Quality, Service and Innovation, additional values that help to distinguish Canadians. The manufacturer of Fusion Stone, Shouldice Designer Stone, has a more than 70-year history and is currently under third generation family ownership and management. Family ownership brings with it a pride and attention to detail simply not to be found elsewhere.

All Fusion Stone products are made and manufactured in Canada utilizing local Canadian materials and labour. The culture of the company is like that of a large Canadian family. Each member has their role, values the organization as a whole, and strives every day to do a great job for their customers.

The company believes that an unwavering customer-first orientation, attention to detail, and a persistent dedication to continuous improvement has allowed it to become an industry leader and will continue to distinguish it far into the future. Fusion Stone strives to ensure that its customers benefit from the innovative, unsurpassed quality, beauty, and range of its products by providing an equally high level of customer care.

Being Canadian means different things to different people. For those at Fusion Stone it comes down to respect for our fellow man both personally and professionally. Business success and growth for over 70 years is a pretty good indicator of how well that very Canadian philosophy plays out. Fusion Stone is proud to be Canadian.

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