Commitment To Our Community Makes For A Great Company

October 23, 2020

The history of Fusion Stone reaches back to modest beginnings in Shallow Lake, Ontario in 1947 with the founding of what is today Shouldice Designer Stone, one of the leading providers of manufactured masonry products in Canada.

Nothing of course happens in a vacuum. People are at the heart of our success. Everyday, the more than 70 members of the Fusion Stone family commit themselves to the delivery of our promises of Quality, Service, and innovation.

Being located in a Shallow Lake with a population of only about 500, we have all grown up with community first and foremost. We know each other and we look after each other. We recognize how this community has always supported the Fusion Stone business and we do the same by keeping the business local and community based.

For example, we hire locally for jobs that are outsourced through us and hires of trade requirements are done in our home area. Even the aggregate material that is used in the manufacture of our Fusion Stone products is sourced in our region. We always make a point to support our community and local businesses in every way we can.

Fusion Stone is currently family owned and operated by the third generation. This generational legacy is not limited to just one family but in several cases extends to employees whose fathers and mothers also worked here.

We are proud of the people who choose to work here and appreciate and respect their never-failing dedication to this business and this community. Over 70 of us are in this together, just like a family, and we can’t imagine it being any other way.

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