Country Living in Ontario

December 11, 2018

From rural Ontario living to cottage country escapes, country living in Ontario offers exceptional beauty and charm that’s enjoyed by about 20 percent of the province.

Ontario residents who live in these rural areas have been building homes with stone for many years, and because it’s both durable and beautiful, stone continues to be a popular choice for homeowners.

Although it’s thought of as a traditional choice for those living in the country, technological advances have made stone a modern option through light-weight, affordable products like Fusion Stone. The result is that more and more homes across the province are being built using stone veneer on the home’s exterior and interior.

Why Fusion Stone is Trendy for Country Living

Fusion Stone is a patented innovation that is easy to install with stainless steel clips and screws. You just screw it to the wall, and it’s “Hooked for Life.” Fusion Stone can be installed on new and existing walls, which means that homeowners can reface an existing home themselves without relying on the specialized skill of a stone mason.

In fact, Fusion Stone’s clip system is so easy and affordable to install, many contractors are using this product on new home builds too.

In addition to the benefits of increased affordability and easy installation, Fusion Stone is a great choice for homes situated in the country because it is so weather resistant. The stone veneer’s colour runs throughout the body of the stone, (it’s not a coloured surface treatment like many other stone veneer products), which means that it has unmatched resistance to fading, scratches, chips, scuffs, and the wear and tear that comes naturally with country living.

Fusion Stone exceeds building code requirements for freeze/thaw durability, impact strength, wind load, and wind driven rain testing, which is critical for homes in the country surrounded by trees, or for homes situated on a farm where land is cleared and the home experiences high winds as a result.

For homeowners who enjoy living off the grid, with a reduced environmental footprint, Fusion Stone is a strong choice because it meets and exceeds the strict standards set out by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). LEED is a set of rating standards that helps building owners make environmentally responsible choices and use resources as efficiently as possible.

Project Ideas to Extend Your Country Living

Your home’s façade isn’t the only place you can use Fusion Stone! Homeowners can use Fusion Stone to extend their country living well into the fall and winter months with an outdoor fireplace and firepit.

Our versatile product, Great Lakes is a popular choice for accent walls inside, too. From mud rooms to cold cellars, Fusion Stone is a great choice for inside your farmhouse or cottage.

Refresh Your Fireplace

For those living in the country, having a fire during the cold winter months is often more about function and necessity than beauty, but with Fusion Stone you can enhance your existing fireplace and make it the focal point of a room with minimal effort. Peninsula Ledgestone is a great choice to upgrade your fireplace with a contemporary, rugged and natural appearance.

Whether you’re looking for a small indoor project or an option for your home’s exterior, Fusion Stone is an affordable, mess-free, versatile material that is easy to use and has been designed with country living in mind. Find a dealer near you to get started!