Design Trends: 5 Ways to Use Stone Indoors

October 10, 2017

Stone’s natural look conveys a sense of solidity, strength, wealth, and permanence that has made it the preferred choice of builders for centuries. Today, stone is more accessible and affordable than ever thanks to products like Fusion Stone, which retain the qualities that have made stone so coveted.

Stone’s natural look has always made it a popular choice for facades, walkways, and outdoor walls. But now, people are bringing the outdoors inside with these great design projects:

1. Fireplace

Stone’s fire-proof nature means that for thousands of years it’s been used to ring firepits, and construct elegant fireplaces. Today, stone can add an elegant traditional feel to your fireplace and mantelpiece that is unmatched by other materials like brick or concrete.

Try combining stone with reclaimed wood to amplify the design impact of your fireplace. Plus, you’ll benefit from the fact that Fusion Stone is fire resistant so an errant spark won’t become a fire hazard. Stone and fire have gone together for millennia – and they still combine perfectly today.

2. Kitchen backsplash

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen can complete a look or reinvent the room entirely. Using a sleek modern stone design alongside stainless steel fixtures and clean white cabinets is a fitting juxtaposition that draws the eye without jarring it.

Or, consider traditional stone combined with finished wood cabinets for a timeless look that lends your kitchen that homey, cottage feel.

Whatever style of stone you use, Fusion Stone is water resistant so you won’t have to worry about water stains, mildew, or mold above the sink and counters.

3. Accent walls

A stone accent wall will instantly transform your living room, dining room, or even your bedroom or office by bringing the natural colours and textures of the great outdoors inside. Your choice of stone combined with the right decor can create virtually any style from traditional to ultra modern.

4. Atrium

An atrium brings the outside in, so what better material for the walls than stone? Fusion Stone walls will also help insulate the room and reflect heat back inside, creating a look as warm as the atrium itself. Plus, stone won’t peel or sweat due to the humidity, and can stand up against higher temperatures and moisture.

Imagine walking into an atrium with the sun shining in through the skylights above, pebbles beneath your feat, lush plants all around you, and rich, warm stone walls on all sides! Talk about zen.

Fusion Peninsula Ledgestone 59 - Grotto

5. Bar or wine cellar

Stone and wine are a perfect combination. Both have long histories, and both ooze culture and class. Lining your wine cellar with Fusion Stone will turn an unused basement room into your very own French wine cave. Just like a traditional wine cellar the stone walls will help keep your wine cool, and add a certain je ne sais quoi to the atmosphere.

A stone backdrop behind your bar is an equally great way to add some character to your lounge space. The stone creates a different atmosphere and helps guests feel relaxed, and at home.

With Fusion Stone, there are no bad ideas! The material is so versatile and adaptable that it can fit in with any room, any style, and any decor.

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