DIY Ideas For Your Leftover Stone Veneer

December 6, 2021

The timeless aesthetic of stone is beautiful for cladding exteriors, but did you know it looks just as fantastic in a variety of other projects? If you have leftover stone veneer after installing your home’s siding, put it to good use by trying out one of these inspired do-it-yourself ideas.

Accent wall

If there’s a room in your home that doesn’t look quite finished, an accent or feature wall is a great solution. It instantly elevates any space and creates the perfect backdrop for other décor, like artwork or floating shelves. Using stone veneer instead of paint goes further by creating visual interest with texture, shade variation and shadow.

Fireplace surround

Whether you have a natural gas fireplace or an electric one, surrounding it with stone veneer spotlights this luxury feature. Create a stylish focal point in your living or family room by contrasting the fireplace colours with your wall and using details like slope sills. For a contemporary look, choose a darker stone like Charcoal from our Dry Stack line, or try a lighter stone like Cyprus from our Peninsula Ledgestone line for a classic finish. It’s the perfect way to encourage yourself to use your fireplace more often and get cozy in the winter months.

Kitchen backsplash

A great hack for making your kitchen look expensive and luxurious is to use high-quality materials for the backsplash. Since the typical backsplash wall space is only about 30 square feet, it’s a quick and easy project that doesn’t require too much leftover stone. Try highlighting the area by playing with different colours, textures and patterns of stone veneer.

Porch pillars

Give your front porch and entryway major curb appeal by embellishing the lower portions of traditional wooden pillars with stone veneer. Combine stone with other materials like a wooden treatment or cedar planking for an eye-popping finish. You’ll give guests a warm welcome and upgrade the overall design of the home.

Kitchen island

Outdoor kitchens are gaining in popularity, and for good reason — they help homeowners make the most of their backyards and take summer entertaining to the next level. For a stunning centrepiece in your outdoor kitchen, try outfitting the island or bar in stone veneer. It takes the space from simple add-on to sophisticated feature and acts as a great conversation starter — especially when you can brag that you did it yourself.

Getting started with stone veneer

Applying stone veneer to almost any surface of your home is quick and easy with Fusion Stone. Our products are designed to be installed on wood frame, steel stud, masonry, pre-cast wall sections and even brick. Learn more by checking out our installation guide.

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