Easy DIY Installation with Fusion Stone

June 14, 2017

Stone has many amazing advantages – it is beautiful, sturdy, fire and water resistant, and lasts a lifetime. In fact, the only downsides of stone are that it is expensive and time consuming to install… or rather it was expensive and time consuming, until Fusion Stone.

Now, thanks to the technological innovations of Fusion Stone, stone is no longer prohibitively expensive. Even more amazing is that you don’t need to be a pro to install it. It is so easy to install that everyone from experienced contractors, to DIY enthusiasts are giving ordinary homes extraordinary stone makeovers.

The Rough Side of Traditional Stone

There is no denying that traditional stone looks great. It brings a sense of history, nature, permanence, and class to any space. Unfortunately, it tends to be labour intensive. Traditional stone has to be quarried and shipped – which can take a big toll on the environment.

Once the traditional stone is on site the real work begins. Remember, not just anyone can install stone. You need specialized tools and skills to cut, place, and finish stone. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money.

Fusion Stone boasts the same great look of traditional stone, without the high cost or environmental damage. Despite being all but indistinguishable from traditional stone, Fusion Stone is actually manufactured from a high-tech stone composite which uses the maximum amount of recyclable materials possible without compromising the stone’s strength or appearance. This means that Fusion Stone is more environmentally friendly and lighter than traditional stone. So, transporting and installing it is a serious weight off your shoulders – literally!

Fusion Stone Offers Smooth DIY Installation

Virtually any experienced DIYer will already have the tools and expertise that they need to install Fusion Stone.  All it takes is a:

  • Tape measure and level
  • Rubber mallet
  • Power drill
  • Grinder or saw with a masonry blade
  • And of course safety goggles!

Plus, every Fusion Stone order comes complete with the necessary drill bit and all of the materials you will need except for: plywood or OSB, and a breathable weather resistant barrier.

Installing Fusion Stone is a breeze. In fact, the hardest part might be choosing which of the two beautiful styles and many colour options you want.

Once you have your style and quantity chosen just use the ‘Find a Dealer’ feature on the web site to order your Fusion Stone.

4 Easy Steps

Once you your Fusion Stone arrives installation is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Simple!

  1. Prepare the surface by attaching your plywood or OSB substrate to the area that you want to install the Fusion Stone.
  2. Attach the starter strip (included with your Fusion Stone kit).
  3. Build up the corners using alternating short and long stones.
  4. Complete the installation as per the provided instructions, building in from the corners.

Want to start your own beautiful Fusion Stone project? Find your nearest dealer today!

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