Fusion Stone Installation – It’s Easy

July 15, 2015

As anyone with experience of DIY knows, much of the success of any product or project lies in the planning. For DIY projects featuring Fusion Stone veneer, this planning process goes back further than you may realize.

When Fusion Stone was being designed and developed, one of the most important considerations was to produce a stacked stone veneer product that could be installed by home handymen and women. To make this a reality, the whole process from ordering through to completion had to be made as simple as possible.

The first step to a successful Fusion Stone project is to determine how many square feet are needed. Next, we have to ensure that we have the basic physical tools required for the installation. Finally, realizing how easy it is to create a stunning look with randomly patterned stones will make you keen to get started. Fusion Stone has been designed to be with you every step of the way.

How many square feet, clips and screws will you need?

In these videos, Eric demonstrates how to measure your square footage and how many clips you will need:

For convenience and ease of handling for home handymen and women, Fusion Stone is available in Small-Paks that contain 5 square feet each and weigh around 55 pounds. For larger industrial or commercial projects, full pallet Bulk-Paks contain 100 square feet.

To keep everything as simple as possible when ordering your stone veneer, each Fusion Stone product is supplied with a surplus number of clips and screws to ensure you will always have enough. However large or small your project, this addition is vital in contributing to a smooth and successful installation.

What tools will you need?

While certain tools are needed to successfully complete your Fusion Stone project, perhaps the most important one of all is the confidence that you can do it.

Ensuring from the beginning that Fusion Stone would be the DIY project you really can do yourself has meant many installations have already been completed by home handymen and women just like you. To help you join the ranks of those who have successfully installed their own stacked stone veneer, a number of easy to follow installation videos have been produced to show you exactly how it’s done.

Armed with this knowledge and confidence, a tape measure, spirit level, rubber head hammer, power drill and bit, a grinder or saw with a masonry blade and some safety glasses, your successfully completed Fusion Stone project is well within your grasp.

We’ll even supply the drill bit.

    • tape measure
      tape measure
    • spirit level
      spirit level
    • rubber head hammer
      rubber head hammer
  • power drill
    power drill
  • grinder
  • safety glasses
    safety glasses

What stone pattern should be followed?

One of the most important factors when installing veneer is to maintain a random pattern in the stones. Repeating or bunching similar shaped stones will lead to an unnatural look that tarnishes the overall appearance of the completed project.

To help ensure this won’t be an issue with your own installation, random stone patterns are pre-blended into each Fusion Stone Pak.

When working on projects that require multiple Paks, going through one at a time will help maintain the random look that really sets your stone veneer installation apart. It’s another example of how Fusion Stone products have been designed to make life easier for all of our home handymen and women.

Budget friendly and easy to install, Fusion Stone veneer has been specifically designed to be the DIY project you really can do yourself. From inception to project completion, every effort has been made to ensure your installation will go as smoothly as countless others before.

With a lifetime guarantee on all Fusion Stone products, we’re confident both you and your veneer will be hooked for life.