Everyone Loves Fusion Stone – Demo Tour Update

September 12, 2017

We’ll be wrapping up the 2017 edition of the Fusion Stone Demo Tour very soon. It has been an amazing experience for all those involved.


We would like to thank all of our retail customers that made the tour possible by agreeing to host the event. Their enthusiasm, cooperation and participation not only allowed the tour to take place but made it the success it has been.


Special thanks as well to our Demo Tour ambassadors, Justin and Irene. They travelled the province for over two months, setting up, tearing down and demonstrating just how easy it is to install Fusion Stone. They did a fantastic job.


Most importantly, we are grateful to the thousands of people who stopped by to experience Fusion Stone for themselves. Men and women of all ages, including contractors discovered that Fusion Stone is not only easy to install but comes in three great styles and multiple colours. We heard lots of success stories including one about a 12-year old that did a great job installing a Fusion Stone wall all by himself.


The accompanying pictures tell the story of how people had a great time learning about and experiencing Fusion Stone.  We are already looking forward to the 2018 version of the Fusion Stone Demo Tour.


But you don’t have to wait till then. Fusion Stone is sold at over 1,500 building supply locations across Canada. Go to fusionstone-staging.v3wqpttp-liquidwebsites.com to find a dealer near you and discover for yourself what a perfect solution Fusion Stone can be for new or renovation projects, both interior and exterior.

We’re looking forward to seeing you next year!


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