Exude Modern Appeal Through Fusion Stone

July 30, 2021

The word “Optimize” is defined as “to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible”. Our current feature project is an ideal example of putting the optimization of Fusion Stone into excellent practice.

The Amicis Coffee House in downtown Shallow Lake has all the contemporary architectural appeal one could ask for. Modern rectilinear design, clean lines, and the very latest in complementary building material components. These include horizontal wood planking, vertical metal sheeting, lots of glass and all brought together by Fusion Stone Great Lakes Fawn stone veneer.

As you can see the designer has truly made optimal use of Fusion Stone. It appears as a backdrop to the signage and in a wainscot feature on the front and as an entire wall on one side. It brilliantly creates a stunning and inviting retail space that speaks volumes about quality, style, class and what to expect inside. We’ll be diving into the interior in a moment.


The Fawn colour strikes a pleasing neutral balance between light to mid shades of both grey and brown. This amicable and temperate blend makes Fawn a fantastic complement, as clearly demonstrated here, to a diverse range of other building materials and colours.

The exterior is an undeniable success, but why stop there? Come inside and witness how Fusion Stone Great Lakes Fawn has been further optimized as the facing for the counter bar. Fusion Stone is famous for being gorgeous visually, while also remaining quick and easy to install. It is also every bit at home whether applied inside or out.

If you are looking for Fusion Stone architectural or design inspiration, this example is certainly a great place to begin. We’re proud to have our products featured on both the exterior and interior of such a fantastic local business in beautiful downtown Shallow Lake. It possesses just about everything one could desire in contemporary appeal.

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