Fearless DIY

October 12, 2016

To some people the three scariest letters in the English language are D-I-Y. However, DIY projects don’t have to be so intimidating. If you follow a few easy tips then you can turn your to-do list into a done list, transform your home, and accomplish something that you can be proud of.

Know your level

No, not the one in your tool box (although that probably wouldn’t hurt). Projects come in different levels of difficulty. Before you start a project you need to know where you are on the DIY totem pole.

Are you a DIY guru who would make Mike Holmes proud, a weekend warrior with some impressive projects under your belt, a novice with an eye for detail and a growing skillset, or a beginner looking to take on your first project?

Choose the right project

There are more than enough projects to go around for people of all skill levels. It is sometimes said that you should judge a person by the scale of their ambition, but choosing a DIY project is no time to get overly ambitious. A giant project to transform your house can quickly turn into an eyesore. That said, you will never improve if you don’t test yourself.

Taking on a project that is slightly outside your comfort zone is part of the fun of DIY – it should be a learning experience so you can improve. Besides, nothing compares to the satisfaction of completing a big project that leaves people asking “did you really do all that yourself?”

Of course, some things should never be attempted by an amateur, in particular anything that involves gas, electricity, or plumbing. There are reasons that electricians and plumbers are in such high demand. Faulty wiring and poorly installed gas lines can potentially cause serious damage and put you at risk.

Do your research

Have a clear idea in mind of what you want to do – maybe retiling your bathroom or adding a stone backsplash in your kitchen – then do your research to find out what’s involved. Ask yourself:

  • What skill level does this project require and are you confident that you are at that level?
  • Should you leave this project or part of this project to a professional?
  • How long will it take?
  • How much will it cost?
  • What tools and equipment will you need?
  • Will this improve your home’s look or value?
  • How big is the impact or payoff compared to the effort you have to put in?

Do you have the right tools?

Just as important as knowing your skill level is ensuring that you have the right tools for the job. For more ambitious or highly specialized projects you might want to consider renting tools. For the most part you will want to take on projects that make use of the tools that you already have.

Look for instructions

The best mid-level projects – ideal for someone who has done a bit more than just hang a picture or two, but not someone with a professional background – come with detailed instructions. Bonus points go to any projects that come with a self-contained kit.

Fusion Stone is the ideal mid-range DIY project. You don’t need to be an expert in masonry, carpentry, or construction, but you should know your way around a drill. Depending on the scale of your project you can complete it in a few hours, a couple days, or a week or two. All Fusion Stone kits come with detailed instructions, all of the materials that you will need, and you’ll only require basic tools that any self-respecting handy person should already have. You can also visit the Fusion Stone website to access a number of installation video tips. Best of all, Fusion Stone comes with a lifetime guarantee and is one of the most trusted names in stone veneer.

So, have no fear of DIY. Just conduct a little pre-project due diligence and proceed with confidence.

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