Feature Walls with Fusion Stone

May 20, 2020

It is unsurprisingly common for most people to associate stone veneer with exterior applications like full or partial house facades, outdoor kitchen/entertainment areas or perhaps implement sheds. Also, not surprisingly, that is where the majority of stone veneer is installed. However, these applications are far from the only ones.

Many builders, designers, and homeowners have exploited their creativity and seen the many possibilities for stone as feature walls. The examples below will give you an idea of just a few of the ways stone feature walls can enhance the beauty and value of a home. This is especially true with Fusion Stone thin stone veneer.

Our first example demonstrates how a small office nook can be transformed into a compelling and comfortable, yet functional space. The stone installed here is Fusion Stone Peninsula Ledgestone in the Cyprus colour. Cyprus perfectly demonstrates how uniformity in a narrow spectrum of light grey can produce a stunning and powerful outcome. The complementary wooden shelf, desk and flooring are the perfect partners to complete the scene. Mans’ best friend basking in the sunshine is also a nice touch.

Entryways, particularly long ones, can sometimes be a design/decorating challenge – how to make all that space interesting and good looking. A great solution is Fusion Stone Peninsula Ledgestone Grotto. The limited variability of the smoky, dark and stormy shades that define Grotto accord it a powerful consistency that has tremendous contemporary appeal. Note the decision to apply the stone to an entire wall on one side of the door and to only the lower half on the other. This served to avoid overwhelming the space and provided an opportunity to include a suitable piece of art.

Bedrooms are great places to decorate with creativity. One way to do that is with a full feature wall of Fusion Stone Great Lakes stone in the popular Raven colour. Raven exudes an impression of substance, strength and weight derived from a balance of khaki and brown tones that gently fade into contrasting hues of grey and slate.

This wall brings life and character to the room and works extraordinarily well with the carpet and dark wooden furnishings. It is clearly the centrepiece of this room and, without question, intentionally so.

Be sure to consider Fusion Stone for your next indoor project. It is quick and easy to install with full installation instructions in the box and on the website. An easy to follow Project Planning Guide you can use to calculate your product requirements can also be found on the Fusion Stone website. Remember too that Fusion Stone comes with a lifetime warranty and is available nationwide at over 1,000 building material retailers. Please give us a call if you have questions at 800.265.3174.