Fusion Stone – Frequently Asked Questions

October 23, 2018

Fusion Stone is the do-it-yourself masonry that you can actually do yourself. As true as that statement is, there are questions that come up from time to time which we are very happy to answer. This blog is dedicated to providing answers to some of the more frequent questions we receive from our customers.

We hope that you will find it helpful. If you have questions of your own, please let us know. We love helping people beautify their homes inside and out with Fusion Stone.

What is Fusion Stone?
Fusion Stone is a revolutionary, high-quality, manufactured concrete, thin stone veneer. It is the only thin stone system on the market that mechanically fastens each piece to the wall by using stainless steel Fusion Stone clips and screws. This ensures that, even with movement in the walls, the stones stay in place when installed during low or high temperatures or wet or dry conditions that can affect the adhesion of traditionally adhered stone installation methods. Fusion Stone is made with all-natural stone ingredients on high quality, purpose built, and state-of-the-art production equipment.

What are the benefits of using Fusion Stone?
Fusion Stone is the premier thin stone veneer, designed to be the highest quality system on the market. It is the easiest to install, offers a look of distinction and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. All Fusion Stone products have colour throughout the full body of the stone, NOT just a coloured surface treatment. This means unmatched resistance to fading, scratches, chips, scuffs, and general real-world wear and tear.

Can Fusion Stone be applied to any surface?
Yes. Fusion Stone products are designed to be installed on wood frame, steel stud, masonry and pre-cast wall sections. Fusion can be installed over existing brick as long as the brick wall is structurally sound and was designed as a load bearing wall. Not all veneer brick walls qualify.

Can I install Fusion Stone myself?
Absolutely! Many jobs have been completed with excellent results by justly proud home handy-men and women. The driving factor in the design and development of Fusion Stone was to keep the system simple yet durable, while presenting the most naturally beautiful stone finish.

How does Fusion Stone compare with other stone veneer products?
The cost of Fusion Stone is competitive with most thin stone and is substantially lower than natural stone. Fusion Stone comes packaged as a system, with the clips, screws, and driver included in your kit. The big saving with Fusion Stone is that it installs faster and easier than other thin stone products.

Added to this, Fusion Stone can be used in places where full bed depth masonry cannot, without the extra cost of wall structure modifications or the need of a footing. Standard masonry stone requires a brick ledge to support the weight of the stone. Fusion Stone does not require a brick ledge because it is mechanically fastened. This means the stones are fastened to the wall with stainless steel Fusion Stone clips. The end result looks exactly like standard full bed depth masonry, even to the experts.

All Fusion Stone products are coloured throughout the full body of the stone. This is an advantage over other thin stone products that are surface-coated and which show scratches and chips.

How long does Fusion Stone last and is there a warranty?
When installed according to the installation guidelines, Fusion Stone will last a lifetime and is backed by a product lifetime guarantee.

Where can I install Fusion Stone?
Fusion Stone is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Fusion Stone incorporates rain-screen wall technology that allows it to perform to high standards, even in the harshest environments.

We hope these answers address any questions you might have about Fusion Stone. Let us know if there is anything else you would like to know. You’re going to enjoy the installation experience and rally love the end result.