Fusion Stone – Top Choice for Businesses and Building Contractors

November 12, 2015

Although it’s well known as the perfect do-it-yourself stone veneer product for homeowners, you may be surprised to learn that Fusion Stone is also the preferred stone product for contractors and businesses, a testament to the product’s high quality and designer look. Businesses and contractors prefer to work with Fusion Stone because it provides:

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Cutting-edge design

Fusion Stone breathes new life into older commercial buildings , providing a professional and sleek design that is both appealing and long-lasting. The Great Lakes style is a popular choice amongst businesses , both new and old. With a classic look, the Great Lakes Fusion Stone system is mortar-free and provides an elegant, professional finish at an affordable price.

Environmental responsibility

Business owners and contractors who work on commercial projects choose Fusion Stone because it provides a low-cost stone veneer option that gives a traditional stone and even a mortar finish (Phoenix style). Additionally, Fusion Stone’s LEED rating helps businesses and building contractors meet the targets they have set towards environmental sustainability.

Approval by the CCMC

Fusion Stone products are also CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) approved , which means the products’ materials have been evaluated by the Canadian Commission on Construction Materials Evaluation (CCCME) and meet the requirements of the National Building Code of Canada and Provincial/Territorial Building Codes.


High quality products with an excellent warranty

Fusion Stone products are known throughout the industry for their high-quality. In fact, the company is so confident in the quality of the materials they use in their products that they provide a lifetime  guarantee on:

  • Structural integrity
  • Aesthetic integrity
  • Performance integrity

Any product that is defective before, during or after installation is replaced or repaired at Fusion Stone’s cost. Contractors whose livelihood rests on their reputation love using such an affordable, high quality product that also comes with a great warranty.

Fusion Stone’s products are easy to install, which is why homeowners turn to Fusion Stone for their DIY projects. But businesses and building contractors also value the fact that Fusion Stone offers high quality, designer stone products that are CCMC and LEED approved. And of course, everyone loves the affordability, design choices and ease of installation that the Fusion Stone system is famous for.

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