Great Sales Reps Make the Difference

March 11, 2020

Not just anyone is cut out to be an effective sales representative. The sales role, in virtually every business, requires a particular combination of skills, knowledge, and especially a positive can-do attitude. sales representatives are exceptionally good at what they do. We thought it would be of interest to share a little personal, behind the scenes, information about each of our sales guys.

Todd Cruikshank 0320

Todd Cruickshank778-227-5564[email protected]
Todd is located in New Westminster, BC and is responsible for Fusion Stone sales in western Canada.

Todd has been working with Fusion Stone for ten years and says the time has flown by faster than is imaginable. This kind of longevity and attitude is a great indicator of an engaged employee, working with a fine product.

Todd has a great appreciation for the people that make up the Fusion Stone team. He says they are what “make it great personally, but professionally all the new and exciting products that I have represented over the past ten years is what keeps things fresh and exciting”.

“Whatever the next one is, is my favourite”, says Todd in response to “What is your favourite Fusion Stone job that you’ve sold?” “If I had to pick just one, possibly the Roots on Whyte project in Edmonton because it was owner-designed/built and the level of detail is top-notch with lots of consultation.  The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is a close second based on scope and involvement.”

Todd’s favourite Fusion Stone product is Great Lakes Stone because of its simplicity and ease of use for anyone. This is also the most popular consumer choice for Fusion Stone.

When asked “What does a day as a Fusion Stone sales rep look like?” Todd’s response was, “Flying. Driving. Talking on the phone, Meeting customers – end users, masons, retailers, distributors, installers. Attending shows.  Building displays. Presenting to groups of architects. Office days on the laptop. The varied nature is the best part.”

Todd’s a bit of a music aficionado so when traveling he brings a USB stick for use where there is no signal or in a rental car to stream music and listen to his favourite tunes.  Rock, Jazz, Soul, Hard Rock, Metal. Mix in some Sports Talk radio and he is happy.

Todd loves to travel but has no favourite destination. He likes to see new places and meet new people. He has been to the UK twice over the past two years. He loves to hike and camp in the wilderness of BC every year. There is so much to explore!

Richard Lapalme 0320

Richard Lapalme514-755-6688[email protected]
Richard is located in Montreal and is responsible for Fusion Stone sales in Quebec and maritime Canada.

Richard lives on the South Shore in Montreal and has been representing Fusion Stone for nine years. He has a great appreciation for the Fusion Stone team and his chain of distributors. He believes that he has the very best distributor teams and this makes his job very enjoyable. Richard is convinced that working with integrity and transparency with his distributors is the key to success.

Richard has a particular passion for Fusion Stone Great Lakes and is especially proud of the St. Francis Xavier University project in Nova Scotia – lots of architectural products on that job.

There is no typical day for Richard. There are always many different challenges which make the job so interesting and fulfilling.

When asked what his favourite vacation destination is there was no hesitation in his enthusiastic response – “Without a doubt Mexico!”

Eric Hensel 0320

Eric Hensel519-373-1995[email protected]
Eric is located in Meaford, Ontario and is responsible for Fusion Stone sales in the Ontario market.

Eric has been associated with Fusion Stone for nearly eight years. His favourite thing about working for Fusion Stone is blazing new trails for the market leading product in a modern building material category.

Speaking of blazing new trails, Eric’s favourite Fusion Stone product is the one that is being worked on for tomorrow. The success of the current product mix allows for the the freedom and creativity to consider options for what the market demands next.

As for a favourite Fusion Stone job he has sold he says, “Tough to narrow down the many incredible projects we have been a part of but the most fulfilling aspect of the job is speaking with the happy customer at the end of the project.”

One of the great appeals of working with Fusion Stone is that each day brings a different aspect to the role.  “From going to a job site and providing a new contractor with the knowledge to have a successful installation to transitioning to a board room to discuss opportunities with our great architect and dealer partners.”

When on the road Eric avoids fast food shops and opts for the likes of Thai Express and Booster Juice. His listening preferences are a mix of Spotify, Podcasts and Audiobooks. As for a go-to vacation destination, it is anywhere that allows some rest, relaxation and good company.

Great products plus talented, professional representation is a great formula for success. As you can see Fusion Stone has both in abundance!

For more information about Fusion Stone please visit or call 800.265.3174.