High Quality and Simplicity Set Fusion Stone Apart from the Competition

November 7, 2017

When it comes to selecting materials for your next home improvement project, it is important to compare products and companies to get the best value and overall experience.  Ontario is home to a wide variety of natural and artificial stone veneer suppliers; however, not all materials are designed equally – you’ll find that stone veneer products vary considerably from company to company.

With so many choices, how can you decide which company and products are best for your home renovation project?  When comparing companies, be sure to focus on the areas that may be most important to you as a homeowner: product quality and the ease of installation.

Is it a Quality Product?

There are a wide variety of stone façade options available, made of natural stone, polyurethane/plastic or concrete and other aggregate materials that are designed to emulate limestone, travertine, brick and river rock.

Although options like polyurethane are light weight, you are settling for a faux option that, at the end of the day, doesn’t cost that much less than a natural stone.  As well, some manufacturer’s websites are not forthcoming when it comes to the products’ material, or installation guidelines.  If you can’t easily find information about installation or material composition, proceed with caution! Any company with a superior product will proudly provide this information, and companies who don’t may be trying to gloss over some of the less desirable details of their product.

Warranties also vary depending on the manufacturer.  Some offer 50 or 60 year warranties, guarantees against damage under specific weather conditions and promises of durability.  However, it is important to read the fine print and fully understand the scope of the product warranty because many are vague, and user error or incorrect installation can result in a voided warranty.

Is it Easy to Install?

Just as there are a wide variety of stone veneer material options to choose from, there are also many different installation designs on the market.  Some natural stone manufacturers offer a fastening design which allows you to connect pieces of stone by securing them onto each other.  This is a great alternative to mortar, which can be messy, time consuming and require the skilled hand of a tradesperson; however, with some manufactured designs, you are required to begin your install with a single starter strip, followed by a pattern of various shape depressions, which can be awkward and quite difficult to complete.

In many cases, natural stone also requires sealing, which adds an extra step to an already arduous installation process, plus, it’s quite messy.  Other manufacturers offer panes in various sizes that are pieced together and glued and/or screwed to the wall.  Often, these panes are made from polyurethane and not real stone, and the glue required for a strong hold can be messy and have a strong smell.

Fusion Stone Offers Both Quality and Ease

As natural stone veneer options go, Fusion Stone offers a perfect balance of quality and ease.  Unlike the competition, our patented clip design allows you to easily hook pieces together with stainless steel clips and screws, requiring no special tools or messy glue to create a strong and durable hold that is guaranteed for life.  Fusion Stone is clean to install (no mortar required) and doesn’t require sealing or maintenance. Plus, Fusion Stone is proudly 100 percent Canadian, and available in 1,500 locations across Ontario, so it’s easily accessible when you’re ready to get started on your renovation. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Fusion Stone today to discuss your upcoming home improvement project.

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