If You Have Questions, We Have Answers

November 19, 2019

Fusion Stone is a great way to add curb appeal to a home or business and contribute style and flair to just about any interior. Not only that, Fusion Stone is easy to install and lasts a lifetime. Below, we have compiled answers to a few of the questions we receive most often from our customers.

Who manufactures Fusion Stone?
Fusion Stone is proudly manufactured by Shouldice Designer Stone in Shallow Lake, Ontario, Canada. Shouldice Designer Stone is a third generation, family business that has been manufacturing quality stone products since 1947.

What is the R-factor of Fusion Stone?
The insulation properties of Fusion Stone are minimal. Fusion Stone can be installed with insulation in the studs or with rigid insulation on the outside of the studs. Fusion Stone is installed on plywood. The wood sheathing is applied over top of the insulation and installed according to local building codes.
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How thick is Fusion Stone?
1 ¼” thick average, with some specific products varying in thickness to give the wall depth and a natural, real stone appearance.

How much does Fusion Stone weigh?
The weight of Fusion Stone products is approximately 15lbs per square foot depending on the stone profile and texture.

How do I clean and seal my Fusion Stone?
Fusion Stone products are maintenance free. Sealing is not required as Fusion Stone is manufactured with an integral water repellent agent that inhibits water absorption throughout the stone. Rarely, if ever, will Fusion Stone require cleaning. However, if cleaning is required, use a mild masonry detergent and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How can I get cost information and installed price quotes for Fusion Stone products?
Fusion Stone Head Office welcomes your call and will be happy to provide you with the name of your neighbourhood Fusion Stone dealer. Your local dealer will provide you with a quote, recommend installation contractors, and provide information about job locations where Fusion Stone has been installed. Please contact us at (800) 265-3174.

Does Fusion Stone meet building code requirements?
Yes. Fusion Stone products comply with all applicable building code requirements. Fusion Stone weighs less than 15 lbs per square foot and falls under the Adhered Stone Section of the UBC and the NCMA standards. When used according to the Fusion Stone Installation Guideline, the products are approved to 3 floors in height (10 meters) without additional installation details or engineering. Fusion Stone exceeds the requirements for pull strength, shear strength, freeze/thaw durability, impact strength, wind load, and wind driven rain testing.

How are Fusion Stone products packaged?
Small-Paks contain 5 square feet and weigh 72-79lbs. They are ideal for convenience and ease of handling. Bulk-Paks total square footage depends on the profile selected (GLS – 66 SF, PLS – 60 SF, DS – 100 SF ). Bulk-Paks comprise a full pallet and require lift-truck handling. Flat pieces are sold by the square foot and corner pieces by the vertical foot. Window-sills and other detail pieces are sold individually.
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How many Fusion Stone clips are required?
The number of Fusion Stone clips required depends upon product size and varies between 2 and 5 clips per square foot. Each Fusion Stone product is packaged with a surplus number of clips and screws.
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Give Fusion Stone a try. You are going to love it. For more information, please give us a call at (800) 265-3174 or visit the Fusion Stone web site at www.fusionstone.ca.