Imagination Goes a Long Way with Fusion Stone

May 6, 2020

Everyone has had the experience of wondering “Why didn’t I think of that?” upon seeing something unique or different yet attractive and compelling. The reason we don’t think of those things is often because we fail to allow free rein to our imagination. If we were to take a little more time, do I bit more investigation and let the creative juices bubble, we would be amazed at the wonderful things we might conceive.

The three projects below are great examples of how the combination of a little imagination and Fusion Stone stone veneer come together to create something truly stunning.

Our first project is a beautiful covered, outdoor, lakeside patio entertainment centre including bar and storage area. The front and sides of the bar and the storage area skirting feature Fusion Stone Great Lakes Stone in the Raven colour (one of four fabulous Great Lakes colours).

Notice how perfectly Great Lakes Stone complements the wooden components both in terms of material and colour. What could be more perfect, when going for a rustic look, than wood and stone. The Great Lakes style of Fusion Stone fuses together ease of installation, no mortar convenience, a rugged, traditional visual effect, and a colour selection you’ll love.

This project is for those who believe big is better or big is beautiful. This is a fireplace on Fusion Stone steroids!

Everything about this place is big. The space itself is clearly voluminous. The structure is supported by massive wooden beams. Multiple windows invite the great outdoors in from every side. Even the cushy couch and love seat are great choices that further reinforce the impression of size.

But centre stage is clearly the beautiful fireplace. Sheathed in Fusion Stone Great Lakes Stone Raven, this fireplace is both a complement to the overall size of the room and offers up a superlative contrast to the generally neutral colour palette. The wonderful choice of a bison image is inspired as it is surely an unmistakable addition to the idea of size and strength so forcefully reflected everywhere.

For those who may think stone is old fashioned and only appropriate for traditional designs, think again.

As suggested earlier, a little imagination can create something wonderful. This obviously contemporary home takes full advantage of how well wood and glass can fit into an up-to-date rectilinear design. However, you cannot fail to appreciate how Fusion Stone clearly dominates and leads the way.

Great Lakes Stone Raven, used on both vertical and horizontal dimensions, shouts “I am here – look at me.” At the same time the multi hues and rugged profile of this stone contrast beautifully with the other sleek and smooth exterior finishes.

Whether inside or out, whether modern or traditional, Fusion Stone is always the perfect solution. With three styles and multiple colour choices, not to mention quick and easy installation, a lifetime warranty and an extensive dealer network Fusion Stone will be a great consideration for your next project.

If you have questions or just looking for more information please visit or call 800.265.3174.