Indoor Ideas with Fusion Stone

October 16, 2018

We’re getting to that time of the year when we spend more of our time indoors. It’s great to snuggle in with a book or binge-watch a show surrounded by the warm comforts of home. Plus, people are generally less busy in the fall and winter than during the summer months, which is why this is the perfect time of the year to take on a few indoor DIY projects.

Considering an indoor project? Here are some of our favourite ideas:

Indoor Projects You Can DIY

Fireplaces – A fireplace is a great space to sit around and relax. Make it stand out even more by adding Fusion Stone to the mantel. This easy décor tip will give the area a rugged, cabin-like feel.

Accent wall – Add a splash of character to any room of your home by adding an accent wall. It’s a small job that offers big results.

Kitchen island – Turn your kitchen island into a place your family will want to sit around. Fusion Stone can add a much-needed dash of colour and contour to your kitchen’s focal point.

Bathroom – Bathrooms can be very easily transformed from boring to beautiful. Integrate Fusion Stone with a paint colour of your choice. Do half stone and half paint for an amazing visual result.

Office – Turn your office into your own private oasis and you’ll find you’re much more efficient. Add a stone border, accent wall or use Fusion Stone for the whole room.

Basement or rec room – Convert your basement into a games room or add a bar area. Our products can help make any space your own personal lounge for entertaining and relaxing.

Mess-Free Indoor Projects

A big problem with most indoor projects is the mess, but thanks to our stainless-steel clip design, when you use Fusion Stone there is no mess to clean up. You just screw the pieces in instead of using mortar or other messy products.

We’ve made Fusion Stone especially easy to use. With the help of just a few tools, you can take on a project and feel like an expert. Not needing a laundry list of tools means less clutter and tripping hazards around your work area. It also allows you to finish the job faster, which means more time enjoying the fruits of your labour.

A house is just that until you turn it into a home. Taking on projects inside allows you to really make a space your own. Considering the status of the housing market, many homeowners are choosing to stay where they are and transform their existing home.

With so many reason to take on an indoor project this fall or winter, what are you waiting for? Be productive indoors with Fusion Stone!