Install Videos

February 4, 2020

Fusion Stone is popular not only because it looks great but also because it is easy to install. Part of that ease derives from the availability of so many step-by-step installation videos. We have attempted to provide video assistance for virtually every aspect of the installation process. Our goal is to ensure your Fusion Stone projects are completed quickly and correctly every time.

You can access these videos from the Fusion Stone website by clicking here or you can see them on YouTube by clicking here.


The list below gives you an idea of just eight of our top viewed videos you can expect to find. Also see our Frequently Asked Questions section on the Fusion Stone website.

Steps to Install Fusion Stone –

– Learn things like how easy it is to install Fusion Stone in just a few steps. Which tools you will require and special considerations for outside installation.

Great Lakes Stone Clip Location & Tips –

– You will be given direction about the number of clips to use, depending upon the size of stone, reminded that extra clips are available, and to blend stone from multiple packs.

Install Under Soffit, Siding and Windows –

– When you can’t install a clip from above, cut a groove in the end of the stone and attach from there.

How to Alternate Great Lakes Outside Corners –

– You’ll use both 8” and 12” 90° corners that you should blend from several packs and alternate lengths to produce a random pattern.

How to Cut Fusion Stone –

– Fusions Stone is easy to cut with a hand grinder or a circular saw with a diamond or masonry blade.

How to Install Fusion Stone Inside Corners –

– Learn to keep stone overlapped on one wall, use varying lengths to produce an authentic look and blend stones from multiple packs.

Fusion Stone Pillar Install –

– Begin with a level starter strip, ensure pillar is covered with weather-proof barrier, alternate short and long stones from multiple packs.

Fusion Stone Sill Transition to Siding –

– See how Fusion Stone sills provide a seamless transition to other siding products. Cut a groove in the sill ends to secure the sill with stainless steel clips.

Whatever uncertainty you may encounter, the answer is probably to be found in one of our installation videos. You can also determine exactly how much Fusion Stone you will need for your project by taking advantage of our online Project Planning Guide. Fusion Stone is available across Canada – find a dealer here.

And remember, you can always give us a call at 800.265.3174 – we will be more than happy to help.