Installation Videos Make It Easy

August 6, 2019

Besides a stellar reputation for quality, function, and beauty, Fusion Stone is highly regarded for its ease of installation.

Everyone knows a “picture is worth a thousand words”. That fact made us ask ourselves, “How much more useful would a series of step-by-step videos be to help complete a professional quality installation?”

We have prepared over 20 How To Videos that provide simple, direct and brief instructions for not only our Great Lakes and Peninsula Ledgestone styles but also for Accessories and details like soffits, rainscreens, pillars and corners. These are available on our website as well as on YouTube.

This video series also answers key questions like “How much stone”, “How to cut?”, “What’s in the box?”, “How many corners?” and “What tools?”. We have covered pretty much everything you will need to know, from start to finish, to execute a beautiful Fusion Stone installation.

As always, if you have any questions please give us a call at 800.265.3174. We will be more than happy to provide whatever assistance you may need.