Installing Fusion Stone is as easy as pressing “Play”

June 8, 2016

For some homeowners, a do it yourself (DIY) project can be tempting because of the low cost. When you DIY you can save thousands of dollars on labour, while working on your own schedule.

Clear instructions are a critical element to a successful DIY project, especially if you’re not very skilled or experienced with home improvement. There’s nothing more frustrating than being in the middle of a project and realizing you have to go back several steps because you’ve misinterpreted an earlier instruction. Ever assembled a piece of Ikea furniture?

Enough said.

Now, imagine how much easier it would be if Ikea had simple video installation instructions. You would never get to a point of feeling frustrated and you would be able to complete assembly quickly and easily.

With Fusion Stone’s video installation instructions and tips it’s never been easier to complete your own interior or exterior Fusion Stone project.

Our video installation tips clearly answer common questions that homeowners have about installing Fusion Stone, including:

  • How to alternate outside stone veneer corners
  • How to install stone veneer under soffit, siding and windows
  • How to install tricky inside stone veneer corners

Sure, you can Google instructions and you’ll no doubt find a video showing you how to do it, but there’s no guarantee the instructions you get will be accurate or applicable to the specific material you’re working with.


That’s why so many homeowners choose Fusion Stone – if you have a question or are unsure about how to properly measure or install the product there are custom-designed videos at your finger tips that answer your questions.

From using the right tools, to taking proper measurements, to tricky installation situations that seem unique to your home, Fusion Stone takes the guesswork out of installing stone veneer.

So what are you waiting for? We help homeowners gain the confidence they need to take on their dream home improvement projects. Whether you’re planning on installing a new fireplace, kitchen backsplash, garden shed or want to reface your home’s exterior – with our video installation tips you can do it! Stop putting that home improvement project off.  Contact a Fusion Stone dealer today to get started.