June Feature Project – Outdoor Fireplace

June 15, 2016

Combining disparate or unexpected design elements can sometimes result in other than desired results. On the other hand, when well-conceived and well-executed, this daring challenge can produce something cohesive, awe-inspiring and memorable. This month’s feature project is a stunning example of how to do it right.

Let’s begin by considering the disparities. First there is the apparent conflict of traditional vs. contemporary. There is stone and wood, characteristic of times gone by, as presented by the fireplace, walls and ceiling. Juxtaposed to this are modern design elements represented by the wood colour, up-to-date bar and stools as well as the coffee table, lighting, large furniture, and fireplace insert.


Next is the seeming contradiction of the fireplace itself, one might more likely expect to see as part of an interior, boldly taking centre stage in this outdoor setting. And “boldly” is the right descriptor. Note how your eye is drawn to the centrally positioned fireplace and how this single feature seamlessly integrates the legacy of stone with the latest thing in fireplace sophistication. Even the vertical placement of the insert sets the more common expectation of horizontal on its ear.

Central to all of this is Fusion Stone Dry Stack thin stone veneer in the popular Caramel colour. This material, style and colour bring the entire room design together, give it focus and warmth and permit all of those alleged differences to come together as a comfortable and purposeful whole. Once again, Fusion Stone demonstrates its mettle as the right choice to anchor an imaginative design concept resulting in the total exceeding the sum of its parts.

Don’t forget, Fusion Stone is available in two distinct profiles and comes in multiple colours. It is also maintenance-free, guaranteed for life, and available at over 1,500 building supply retailers across Canada.

Watch for our next feature project in July.