Mechanically Fastened vs Adhered Masonry

February 25, 2021

Technology and innovation have a long history as partners that have changed the world and the way that we live in uncounted ways. Legacy methodologies continue to play an important role, but the advantages provided by the creative use of modern technologies are undeniable.

In the stone business we might compare the advantages of mechanically fastened Fusion Stone with traditional adhered masonry.

One challenge with adhered thin-stone masonry is that it requires skilled labour and a lot of time to install. For example, there is the need to create an installation pattern that requires both time and a creative mind. There is also the need for mortar that is time-consuming and messy. Another trial with adhered masonry is that of seasonality. Installing adhered masonry during the winter can be very difficult if not a practical impossibility. The final result may be satisfying, but evolved technology does help in these aspects.

On the other hand, a mechanically fastened stone product like Fusion Stone comes with the modern technology-based advantages noted above. For starters, Fusion Stone is an all-inclusive, patented system that is easy to install, requires no mortar and can be installed year-round. That means no need for highly skilled labour – it’s no surprise that Fusion Stone is popular with the DIY crowd. A Fusion Stone project can be completed while an adhered masonry job may still be in the planning stages.

Fusion Stone’s all-inclusive system comes complete with stainless steel clips, screws, and has an engineered rainscreen. Our patented stone veneer can be installed inside or outside, and thrives in both renovation or new build environments. It requires only minimal site preparation and can be quickly installed in four easy steps. This makes it the perfect product for construction and renovation professionals, as well as the weekend enthusiast.

Fusion Stone is made right here in Canada by the third generation of a family that has been in the stone business for over 70 years. Our products are also approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC # 14008-R) and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Fusion Stone is available in three beautiful styles, Great Lakes, Peninsula Ledgestone and Dry-Stack. You also have the choice of a wide variety of colours. You can find Fusion Stone at hundreds of dealers across Canada. Click here to locate a dealer near you and get your next project underway.

Besides its great product attributes Fusion Stone has not forgotten the importance of excellent service. The Fusion Stone web site includes an Estimator that will help you to determine just how much Fusion Stone is required for your specific project. You will also find a Visualizer that helps you with the design of your project by showing you what it will look like when complete – perfect for the brainstorming phase. Also, if you feel the need for advice, just use our Live Chat feature. Simply click on the icon in the lower right corner of the website. This resource is available Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm ET.

If you are looking for a versatile, user-friendly product and a selection that will satisfy your creative imagination, Fusion Stone cannot be beat. The old ways have their deserved place but Fusion Stone really is the exciting new way to do masonry.

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