Meet Todd Cruickshank

July 28, 2015

Todd Cruickshank
Fusion Stone Representative – B.C.

Age: 44
Marital status: Married to Nicole
Family: no kids
Pets: Two cats. Herbie and Zoey

Where were you born and where did you grow up?
Grew up in Delta and New Westminster (all part of Greater Vancouver). Now in Burnaby. Parents live fairly close by still.

What are your pastimes?
I’m a distance runner and play volleyball currently but have always been active in sports. Outrigger, dragonboat, soccer, softball, hiking in the backwoods, etc. Met my wife playing softball, actually. If I can be outdoors, I will always take that opportunity. When getting together with friends and also family – always lots of cards and board games.

What is your job? What are you tasked to achieve?
Developing the market for Fusion Stone in Western Canada

What is most satisfying about the job?
Getting results and having satisfied customers

What is most challenging about the job?
Lots of time on the road.

What is your favourite restaurant and why?
Burrard Bridge Marine Bar & Grill – nothing better on a hot summer day sitting on the patio right by the water

Where is the favourite place you have traveled to?

What is your favourite sports team?
Of course – the Vancouver Canucks!!

What is your Tim Hortons staple order?
What is Tim Hortons? Starbucks all the way…Pike Place with room for cream.

What are 5 things you can’t live without?
My wife Nicki
Playing sports
The ocean
Summer at a lake with friends!

What is your favourite music genre and artist?
Alt rock, modern rock, heavy rock, and metal. Favorite artist probably Tool, but my favourites change all the time This month it could be Brody Dalle or Black Joe Lewis.

Why did you pick Fusion Stone as a career?
It sounded like an exciting opportunity to develop an innovative product that fills a niche.

What is a key highlight of working with Fusion Stone?
How easy and intuitive it is to work with. It allows people to achieve results in their homes that they have always dreamed of and they can do it themselves.

If you could spend one day with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
My grandpa. I’d like to have known him better.

What is your favourite Fusion Stone product and colour? Why?
Charcoal Dry-Stack. Modern look that is perfect for a style that I love. It also is different than other products you see in the market.