Nothing Short of Spectacular – Great Lakes Carbon

November 13, 2020

Words like “spectacular” are all too often inappropriately used to describe things that are all too frequently not spectacular. Not so in the case of this spectacular home that so appropriately features Fusion Stone Great Lakes Stone in the dramatic Carbon colour.

Great Lakes is the best-selling Fusion Stone system for a reason. It fuses together ease of installation, no mortar convenience, and a rugged, traditional visual effect. The Carbon colour exudes an impression of substance, strength and weight derived from a balance of khaki and brown tones that gently fade into contrasting hues of grey and slate.

When complemented with the dark roof, shutters and entryway columns/beams and contrasted with the broad, white, vertical planking and garage doors Fusion Stone Great Lakes Stone Carbon dominates the overall design in an undeniably powerful and certainly spectacular fashion.

The creative use of Great Lakes Carbon both above and below the porch and as lower surrounds for the three columns that support the entryway roof is truly inspired as a central focus that expands and develops in a powerful way as the eye takes in the rest of the front façade of this amazing home.

We should always use superlatives sparingly but when the situation, such as our feature project, can tolerate no less a descriptor than “spectacular”, it is time to let truth prevail.

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