One Day DIY Projects

October 9, 2018

Taking on a project around your home can be stressful. It can take a lot of planning, money and time. But time is probably something that you don’t have an abundance of. That’s why we’ve created materials that can be used for either large-scale projects that may take days or weeks, or smaller DIY projects that can be fully completed in a day.

Why we make our products the way we do

We realize that not everyone is a renovating professional, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a home that gives off that impression. We make strong, life-lasting and beautiful stone veneer products so that anyone can become a DIY specialist. Less stress and more time spent in your favourite space with your favourite people is what it’s all about.

What makes our products suitable for a one-day project?

Our products have a slew of characteristics that allow them to be used in a one-day DIY project like a backsplash or outdoor firepit:

Easy to use – Our products can be installed by amateurs and professionals alike. We have designed a simple to install product that utilizes stainless steel clips and screws. Using the installation tips and videos located on our website, anyone can become a Fusion Stone expert!

Only a few tools are needed – You won’t need to rush out to buy or rent any expensive tools to install our products. Just a few basic tools, such as a tape measure, level and rubber head hammer are all you need to get started.

Simple clean up – Since our products don’t require mortar for installation, cleanup is a breeze.

Our products our easy to find – With over 1,500 dealers in our national network, finding our products couldn’t be more convenient. This means less time driving around getting supplies, and more time completing your project.

One-day project ideas

Here are just a few suggestions for projects you can complete yourself in just one day.

Kitchen island or backsplash – Add elements of texture and colour to any kitchen island or backsplash. No matter the size or style of your kitchen, an island could be fully sided, or a backsplash added in no time at all, while creating a rugged and traditional effect to any kitchen.

Accent wall – Make a statement in any room with an accent wall. Whether you’re adding character to an office or bathroom, or sprucing up a spare bedroom, an accent wall is a simple project with massive results.

Around a fireplace – If you have an indoor or outdoor fireplace, consider adding one of our products on the chimney or to help frame it. It adds robust contours and a highly-finished appearance that helps make something beautiful stand out even more.

Add to a deck – Try encasing your deck with our products. It will rejuvenate any style of deck and add new life to it. The offset appearance of our stone veneer is visually appealing, while adding a contemporary or historic look, depending on what product you choose to install.