Outdoor living trends that will impact your projects in 2023

January 21, 2023

As winter sets in, it’s time for contractors and builders to turn their minds to outdoor project ideas that will be coming down the pipeline once the weather warms.

Here are 7 outdoor living trends set become mainstream in 2023 — and what you need to know:

Resilient design

As much as we hate to think about it, severe weather conditions like floods, fires and storms continue to wreak havoc across the country. From materials to layout and design, get ready to see more requests for tough, disaster-proof outdoor spaces. Brush up on supplies like stone or insulated concrete forms (ICFs) for LEED-certified, fire-safe materials to create a more durable oasis. This practice carries over into landscaping as well, with hardy, drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants emerging as a preference.

Exuberant excess

Outdoor renos of the past two years were often about making more space to spread out during long lockdowns or work-from-home months. Now homeowners are realizing what a benefit their added outdoor space has been – as well as how it could be improved now that they’ve lived in the space over time.

Like the open-concept main floor of a home that has several zones – dining area, entertainment area, kitchen and so on – exterior spaces are segmenting as well. Outdoor fireplaces and kitchens will remain a strong addition as people aim to spend as much time as possible in the fresh outdoor air. So will the outdoor lounge room and an activity area with sports or games equipment.

New this year is a more maximalist approach to the outdoors too, with Grecian-style yards (also known to be wear-resistant) expected to grow in popularity. So are cottage gardens and more precise Victorian styles with neat layouts of ornate and vibrant blooms.

Budget conscious updates

While funds could almost always use a boost, going into 2023 with a high cost of living and rising inflation means you can expect many clients to ask how they can cut costs. Plan now for new ways to keep expenses manageable for everyone without compromising on quality or vision for your customer.

This may look like mixing and matching high-end and more affordable materials, doing projects in stages or streamlining your building or install processes. For instance, since Fusion Stone doesn’t require mortar, you can give your clients all the elegance of high-quality stone veneer without the added cost of hiring a mason.

User-friendly spaces

The principle that spaces should be designed for any physical ability has been around for decades, but with an aging population, there’s increasing demand for design that takes accessibility into account. Indoors, you might install lever-style door handles that are easier for arthritic hands to operate or build in wider doorframes for walker and wheelchair access.

Now that the yard has become an extension of our living space, these universal design principles are moving outside too. One simple example: raised or vertical gardening plots that not only look cool but are also easier on the homeowner’s joints than ground-level plots. Get inspired before your next client enquires.

Perfect porches

Backyards have traditionally held all the fun when it comes to outdoor spaces, but this year, be prepared to renovate, rebuild and revamp outdoor entryways. According to Pinterest’s 2023 predictions (which have a history of success) “In 2023, the porch will get the spotlight treatment.” As the report suggests, adding a portico or styled entryway at the front of the home can do a lot to elevate curb appeal and increase property value for your customers.

Privacy in practice

Pergolas and covered sites were must haves in the last year or two during long summer days. Now vertical privacy screens are making a comeback. They can add visual and textural interest to an outdoor space. Not to mention they can help create a sense of seclusion – or at least privacy.

Easy upkeep

Your clients want to enjoy their outdoor spaces; they don’t want to be tied down to ongoing maintenance. Any projects they do take on will be ones they want to do. And so, whether you’re installing an outdoor kitchen, building an epic fire feature, or replacing a deck, you’ll want to use materials and finishes that need little upkeep to make your clients happy.

Mechanically fastened Fusion Stone fits the bill when it comes to high-quality, no-maintenance materials that won’t break the bank. The easy-to-install stone veneer has a lifetime guarantee with no mortar required, so you and your clients can rest easy about long-lasting features.

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