Peninsula Ledgestone Shows the Way

February 5, 2019

It can be tempting in life to settle for good. Good gets the job done. Good is acceptable. Good lets you move on to the next thing.

But very often that extra detail can make good something more. It can be more interesting, more pleasing and just better. Our feature project demonstrates how the addition of Fusion Stone Peninsula Ledgestone in Cyprus transformed something good into something better.

It would have been perfectly fine to finish the exterior of this building with the dominant brown, horizonal planking. It would have been good. But by incorporating the skirt of Peninsula Ledgestone Cyprus, this building jumps with personality.

It does more than provide a distinct colour break. The irregular stone veneer texture is a pleasing contrast to the otherwise regular continuity of the unbroken planking façade. Fusion Stone Peninsula Ledgestone features a narrow linear aspect with modest, intermittent, vertical and horizonal deviations all in a no-mortar application.

The result is arresting curb appeal that exudes character with a contemporary flair.

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