Push the Envelope with Fusion Stone Accessories, Part One of Two

April 16, 2021

There are any number of stories about how important accessories are. There is the classic example of how a new dress is really only the beginning. There are shoes, jewellery and hand bags to consider – not to mention the hair and nails. And men don’t get off the hook here. How about the options available to personalize an automobile, both OEM and after-market? We all love our accessories because they say something about us and provide an opportunity to make a statement.

This statement is every bit as important in architectural design, and we aim to provide the product options for you to make it. We not only want our home or business to be a reflection of ourselves, we want it to be uniquely so whenever we can. It is important, and ultimately part of who we are.

Listed below are some great examples, featured as part one of our two-part series on Fusion Stone Accessories. For more about Fusion Stone visit the website at www.fusionstone.ca.

Stencil Stones

Stencil Stones are the ultimate in personalization. These are typically used to identify an address or a business name but your imagination is really the only limiting factor here. Stencil Stones come in three colours, and there are several size options as well. Whether for home personalization or branding purposes, Stencil Stones are worth considering for your next project.

Rock and Sloped Sills

A great application for Rock or Sloped Sills is for projects where Fusion Stone is being used as a wainscot. The sill makes for an ideal transition to another cladding such as cement board siding. Sills are used most frequently at the bottom of windows to control water flow, adding both functional and aesthetic value. Choose from the two different styles and multiple colours to complement the various Fusion Stone profile and colour options.

If you are looking to make a statement and ensure your project is not simply great but truly something special, finish the job by taking advantage of all the possibilities that Fusion Stone Accessory products provide. Be sure to stay tuned for the rest of our Accessories offering in part two of this feature series!

For more about Fusion Stone, please call us at 800.265.3174 or visit our website at www.fusionstone.ca.