Quick Projects With Fusion Stone

November 5, 2019

Not all projects need to be time-consuming, expensive and overwhelming. There are a number of small projects that you can take on that can lead to big results. With the ease and functionality of Fusion Stone, a short but impactful project is ready for you to take on at your leisure.

What makes Fusion Stone products so great for quick projects?
When it comes to tackling a project, there are a few factors that can impact its duration:

Materials – For a variety of reasons, some materials are just harder to use than others, but not Fusion Stone. Fusion Stone is designed to be installed easily by anyone, with only modest expertise required. Our patented fastening system helps you finish your project quickly and efficiently.

Tools – Not everyone has an extensive array of tools. Tools can be expensive, plus they take up a lot of space and may only be used occasionally. Fusion Stone products can be installed employing just a few basic tools that you probably already have at home, and our simple to understand instructions are a breeze to complete.

Expenses – Some projects get drawn out due to the costs associated with labour, materials and tools. But with Fusion Stone, you get stone veneer that costs less when compared to traditional stone. Since Fusion Stone is so easy to install, you’ll save on labour, too.

3 quick project ideas

1. Feature wall
If you’re looking to add character and a pleasing aesthetic to a space, a feature wall is a great addition. Your bedroom, office or living room can be upgraded in a short period of time. Including the time to clear the area of any furniture and remove any items from the wall, a feature wall can be installed in a day with ease.

2. Fireplace
With winter just around the corner, it will soon be time for you and the family to nestle around your fireplace to relax and stay toasty. That’s why sprucing up the mantle or area around your fireplace is a great project to take on. Depending on the size of your fireplace, this can be done in just a few hours. Consider adding any one of three styles like Great Lakes and multiple amazing colours that our products come in to complement any home’s design scheme.

3. Enhance your rec or games room
Staying indoors will become more frequent once the snow falls but having a beautiful space to relax and hang out makes winter a lot more tolerable. Try integrating a Fusion Stone product into your games room, rec room or den. You can frame your windows or doorways, create a border or add an accent wall. Any of these projects will add texture to your space, while not taking long to complete.

Since these rooms are generally used quite a bit, you don’t want to lose functionality by taking on a project that will take forever to finish. That’s where Fusion Stone comes in. And since it’s a place for the whole family to enjoy, why not make it a family project that the whole family can help with? It will be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and will dramatically change your space.

Check out even more quick project ideas for inspiration and then find a Fusion Stone dealer near you.