Simple Pleasures include Fusion Stone

September 19, 2017

This month’s feature project is nothing fancy but it says a lot. The scene in the accompanying images tells a story and our new Peninsula Ledgestone in the Cyprus colour is at the very centre.

You can easily imagine someone looking for a small corner in his home to spend time with his dog, browse the internet, catch up on some work, listen to classic vinyl on a turntable, read a hockey or business book or just enjoy the backyard garden. It’s all right here. Form has met function beautifully.

Fusion Peninsula Ledgestone 09 - Cyprus

Peninsula Ledgestone is clearly the focus. It is characterized by tightly stacked, variable length runs of moderate width stone; each run is somewhat offset from the next both vertically and horizontally.

Complementing this stone feature wall is a rugged, wooden shelf reminiscent of a fireplace mantel that fits into the gap between two distinct sections of the wall. This is joined by a simple wooden plank table/desk done in a matching stain. Clean, simple and perfect.

Fusion Peninsula Ledgestone 02 - Cyprus

This satisfying outcome is a great example of a project you can do yourself with the help of Fusion Stone. Available in three different styles and multiple colours, it is maintenance-free, guaranteed for life and can be found at over 1,500 building supply retailers across the country.

Watch for our next feature project in October. Ask your building supply retailer about Fusion Stone and visit

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