Step-by-Step with Fusion Stone

January 16, 2018

So, you’ve decided to take on a DIY project. Good for you! Whether it’s big or small, with Fusion Stone you have the materials and support you need to tackle any project. Here are a few simple step-by-step instructions to help you complete your project without any stress, fuss or mess.

Step One: Cost Your Materials

Starting a project is sometimes the hardest part, but nothing’s worse than getting into the groove of laying a floor or tiling a wall only to find out you have run out of materials. It means you have to stop mid-work and run out to the store in the hopes that you can find more of what you need. Not so with Fusion Stone!

It’s incredibly easy to figure out how much material you’ll need. You just need the length and height measurements of the surface area that you are working on! With an accurate budget you can buy exactly what you need and get started.

Step Two: Order Your Materials

With over 1,500 dealers in our national network, finding a Fusion Stone dealer couldn’t be easier. The find a dealer tab on our website allows you to find the closest dealer to you, quickly and efficiently. Just type in your location and a radius of how far you’re willing to drive, and it will do the rest.

Step Three: Pick the Product That Matches Your Style

You know how much product you need and where to get it, but which product best suits your style? Fusion Stone has three distinct and beautiful styles to choose from, and those styles come in a barrage of incredible colours.

Great Lakes is our most popular product, and just by looking at it, you’ll understand why. With mortar-free installation and a rugged and traditional look, Great Lakes offers elegance to any project it’s used for. It comes in four diverse and enchanting colours – Brindle, Raven, Carbon and Fawn.

Dry-Stack also offers innovation in its mortar-less installation. It’s easy to install, while also being mess free. Dry-Stack produces an incredible, unvarying and highly-finished look to any part of your home. It comes in two style-altering colours: Caramel and Charcoal.

Peninsula Ledgestone is the newest addition to the Fusion Stone lineup. It has been designed to appeal to anyone searching for a more contemporary look. Its stylish appearance comes from its tightly-packed composition and variety in length and width. Each piece offsets the next both vertically and horizontally. It also comes in two eye-catching colours: Cyprus and Grotto.

Step Four: Installing Fusion Stone

First, check out the list of tools you’ll need for your project (don’t worry – it’s not a lot and most of these tools you’ll have around your home already).

Now that you have your materials and your tools, you’re ready to get started. This is where some people get nervous, but don’t worry! Fusion Stone has everything you need to successfully and quickly install your stone veneer.

Before you begin, read through our installation guides and take a look at our detailed installation drawings. These resources have all the information you need for each product. The installation guides specifically tell you how to:

  • Prepare your surface (including flashing and moisture barriers for exterior walls)
  • Install the starter strip
  • Where to begin installing your Fusion Stone (i.e., start Great Lakes at the corner)
  • How to lay the last stone.

The guides also tell you how to install inside corners, cut a side slot, install sills, and trim stones. These installation guides are great to print off (they’re only a few pages long) and have on hand while you’re working on your project.

But not everyone likes to read instructions. If you’d prefer to see what you need to do check out our installation videos in which our experts walk you through the installation process and how to troubleshoot any difficult areas (like inside corners).

That’s it! DIY projects are made easier when Fusion Stone is involved. In just four simple steps you can complete your next renovation project and make a big difference in the look of your home.

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