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February 14, 2018

It’s a new year and that means new interior design trends. Interior design is always evolving and there’s no doubt that there are cycles of trends to follow. If you’re thinking about completing a DIY project this winter, then make sure you know the season’s trends to help keep your condo, apartment or home modern.

Design Trends and How We Can Help

Trend 1: Mixing Patterns

Mixing patterns is going to be big this year. Say goodbye to uniform colours or patterns, and say hello to mix and matching various pieces and designs. Why have one piece stand out when you can have multiple pieces that all flow together?

Suggestions – Consider adding a stone veneer feature wall to any room of your home to create diversity amongst your patterns and accessories. A stone veneer feature wall is easy to complete, while adding a rush of contour and colour to your space. Whether you’re doing a wall in a bedroom or against your fireplace, try Fusion Stone Great Lakes stone veneering which offers a rugged and traditional look and comes in four distinct colours!

Trend 2: Aspirational Spaces

People creating their own aspirational spaces is also on the design forefront this year in Toronto. This trend is essentially about building a motivational, creative or personal space that is not structured with conventional aesthetics.

The point of an aspirational space is that it should feel as free as possible. To accomplish this, design a one-of-a-kind space that suits your unique personality.

Suggestions – Depending on the size of your living space, there are a few ways to go about creating a space that is aspirational. If you live in an apartment or condo, add a stone veneer partition wall or create an outdoor sanctuary on your balcony.

If you’re in a home, convert that stuffy old office into a place to be creative. Either way, use Dry-Stack stone veneering on one or multiple walls. With our no mess, no mortar installation you’ll get a highly-finished appearance that comes in two stunning colours.

Trend 3: Colourful Kitchens

Adding colour to Toronto kitchens is on the design radar for 2018. Now, let’s not get too crazy here. White is still the preferred colour for kitchens, but this year, people are looking to add splashes of colour and contour. Expect neutrals, such as blue and grey to lead the charge.

Suggestion – Try adding a stone veneer backsplash in your kitchen to add colour and contour. Great Lakes or Peninsula Ledgestone have the right characteristics for the job. They are tightly-stacked and have various lengths and widths to suit any space. Also, the modern colours that they comes in go with the blue and grey trend this year.

Trend 4: Simplistic Bedrooms

According to another trend this year, bedrooms are looking to be pared down with less décor. A busy appearance is on the decline, with an almost minimalist look taking hold. This also includes soothing neutrals, soft fabrics and functional pieces. Calm and relaxing is the idea here.

Suggestions – Add a feature wall with a simple shelf design to declutter your bedroom. Get stuff off the floor, while adding calm colours and contours. Again, the calming effects of our Great Lakes stone veneering would suit this job perfectly.

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