The Democratization of Stone : Stone Veneer Makes Costly Stone Affordable for Everyone

August 2, 2016

Historically stone was a highly restricted building material. It was reserved for the rich and powerful, used to build pyramids, castles, palaces, and the residences of the country’s elite. Stone was also prized for its durability and strength. It was used to construct walls, bridges, aqueducts, other public works, and fortifications built to withstand sieges – but it remained out of the reach of many people for much of history.

In the 19th and 20th centuries more and more people moved from the country to the city. They lived in buildings made of concrete, steel, or brick. Stone remained as strong and sturdy as ever, but it was also less cost efficient than modern building materials, so it was no longer used in large public works projects. By this point stone was mostly being used by the wealthy upper crust of society to build and decorate their homes, offices, and other properties. The use of stone was, in a way, a public declaration of your wealth and status.

Stone veneer, a new stone building material has changed all that. Stone veneer has democratized stone – making it affordable for everyone. With stone veneer everyone can finally experience the benefits of using stone, which include:


Stone was once used to build empires. Think of the great monuments and construction projects of ancient Rome: the Coliseum, Hadrian’s Wall stretching across the width of England, the aqueducts, and the Roman road network. Before the Romans, the Greeks used stone to build the Parthenon, and the Egyptians constructed the Pyramids. What do all of these ancient wonders have in common? They are all still here. Stone doesn’t fade away or deteriorate. The pyramids have been around for 5,000 years and will be around for at least 5,000 more.

Today, thanks to Fusion Stone, you too can enjoy the strength and durability of stone. You may not be building a cathedral meant to last millennia, or a wall to resist a siege, but using stone veneer will protect your property. Fusion Stone is fire resistant, and protects your property from the elements.


Even after the invention of modern materials like concrete, steel, brick and glass, stone remained one of the most popular building materials for projects that demanded aesthetic appeal. Marble and granite are used in many offices, sky scrapers and expensive buildings to create a slick, modern look with a touch of class. Many modern architects are selecting stone as the centre piece to sleek, contemporary designs.


Stone was once expensive to quarry, expensive to purchase, expensive to transport, and expensive to install. For most people it was simply beyond their means. Today Fusion Stone is manufactured in a state of the art facility by expert craftsmen for a fraction of the cost of traditional stone.

Thanks to modern shipping methods and an innovative business model Fusion Stone is affordable for homeowners. Once you have chosen your Fusion Stone materials you’ll find installation is a breeze. There is no need for specialized tools or craftsmen. Everyone can finally afford to purchase their own stone and install it themselves.

Democratised Stone Veneer

Never before in history has beautiful, sturdy stone been so accessible. A material that was once reserved for kings, emperors, nobles and the wealthiest in society can now finally be bought and installed by almost anyone. Fusion Stone has democratised stone veneer.

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