Tips for a DIY exterior makeover

May 1, 2022

Some of us love the sense of creativity and accomplishment that comes with tackling do-it-yourself projects. Other DIY-ers are simply trying to save some cash while updating their home. Whatever your stance on DIY, doing an exterior update is a great way to boost curb appeal and create a place you love to come home to. It can also raise the amount buyers are willing to spend on a property you are selling.

Here are a few things to consider when taking on your own exterior renovation or addition.

Before you begin your exterior DIY:

Consider the why behind your reno

Think about the reasons why you are choosing to update the outside of your home. Is it to make your home look and feel more current? Is it because a particular element, such as your roof, needs repairs anyway? Is it simply to have a project to keep you busy? The exact reason doesn’t matter, but being aware of your motivation can help you select which projects you take on.

Account for your abilities

When it comes to DIY, we all have a different level of skill and ability. Weigh what you’re good at or capable of with honesty and use that to help you decide on a project and its breadth. For example, creating new shutters might be a breeze if you have some carpentry skills but designing a garden may take more specific research. Don’t shy away from unfamiliar tasks if the area interests you, just make sure to plan time to educate yourself before you get started. Projects that seem complicated, may be simpler than you realize.

Don’t discount the pros

While taking on challenging DIY projects can be highly satisfying, just remember that new electrical or plumbing outdoors, you’re best bet is to call in a professional. The same goes for major work like roofing or traditional masonry. You can always avoid calling in a mason for exterior stone by using Fusion Stone, since it’s a mechanically-fastened stone veneer that doesn’t require messy mortar or the costly expertise of a mason.

Design for your environment

If you are dreaming of DIYing a whole new look for your exterior, work with what you’ve got to adapt current trends and timeless style into something stellar that you can do. Are there features like trees or slopes you want to highlight or need to work around? Will your dream landscaping survive in your local climate? What’s one change that would bring the whole appearance together? Perhaps it’s elegant DIY stone accents to add understated drama, or maybe it’s a new mailbox or railing. Remember to look at your home from across the street to see what others will notice about your choices.

Choose materials wisely

Your choice of materials is important in any project, but for an exterior home makeover you want to be sure to choose quality items that will stand the test of time and endure whatever the weather brings. Look for durable materials like composite decking for your back porch. When it comes to the look of your exterior walls, stone veneer is an affordable way to get a durable, low-maintenance update. When you choose Fusion Stone, it becomes a project you can do yourself since it’s fastened mechanically and requires few tools. Plus, it’s available in all major hardware stores. The stone veneer even comes with a lifetime guarantee, so you know your walls are backed by strong quality assurance.

For ideas on how to use Fusion Stone outside check out our inspiration gallery.