Traditional and Modern Merge with Fusion Stone

March 2, 2016

Your home’s design really boils down to your personal taste and preferences. From furniture to window coverings to colours, lighting and accessories it’s often easiest to stick to one style – whether that style is modern, contemporary, chic, elegant or traditional.
But what should you do if you need to add a splash of traditional to your modern space? Whether you’re accommodating the tastes of a spouse or just want to experiment with something new, Fusion Stone works very well when paired with modern, contemporary and traditional materials.

Copper and other metals

Metallic elements are often found in a modern and contemporary design; you’ll find that they pair well with Fusion Stone’s Brindle and Fawn coloured Great Lakes profile. A backsplash with these stone choices will highlight the copper tones in your kitchen and can really add a unique, earthy quality to your home.

Stainless steel appliances also pair very well with Great Lakes , especially the carbon and raven colours. Add warmth to your kitchen’s design and highlight your stainless steel appliances by adding Fusion Stone to your kitchen island.


Fusion Stone’s traditional elements work well with many varieties and shades of wood. Whether you’re looking to accent your hard wood floors or want to show off your reclaimed wood mantel Fusion Stone creates a cozy, traditional feel to your fireplace. Browse through Fusion Stone’s accessories to find the perfect hearth options. Exterior wood columns, doors and facing can be elegantly accentuated with Fusion Stone, transforming your entryway into a conversation piece.

Cast Iron Stoves

A Fusion Stone accent wall around your cast iron stove is a great idea for your home or cottage. Use Fusion Stone to add a modern fireplace feel to this traditional, functional centre piece.

Install Fusion Stone on Almost Any Surface

You can install Fusion Stone on wood frames, steel studs, masonry and pre-cast walls. You can even install it on top of existing brick if the brick wall is load bearing and structurally sound.  Fusion Stone on exterior walls is also a fantastic complement to decks, pools and BBQ areas. That common garden shed in the back yard can be transformed into a thing of beauty with a complete or partial facing of Fusion Stone. Because Fusion Stone exceeds most building requirements it is the perfect material for your next design project.

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