2015 Project Highlights and 2016 Project Ideas

janvier 6, 2016

Interior Projects

Customers used Fusion Stone creatively in 2015 to enhance their interior decor. Great Lakes was a popular choice to use in kitchen renovations and helped add a modern look to this kitchen island. The island’s wood base was easy to convert to stone, which improved the flow to the dark coloured granite countertop. With a Fusion Stone kit this project can be completed in a few hours.

Another popular interior project for Fusion Stone customers last year was enhancing outdated fireplaces. Replacing a tiled fireplace with stone veneer creates a traditional, cozy feel and helps highlight this central element. Tile and marble fireplaces offer a colder look that is easily softened with stone veneer.


In 2016 consider using stone veneer for your mud room or basement walls. Not only will the stone veneer offer excellent insulation, it is mould resistant and easier to keep clean, which is a key consideration for home owners who want to keep their basement and mud room warm and mildew free.

For rooms like an office or den, consider using stone veneer as an accent wall to create a strong focal point. Stone veneer is a great choice to surround your big screen television, or in-wall fish tank. The best part is you can create that wow factor yourself with a DIY project that will take you just a half day.

Exterior Projects

Fusion Stone was very popular amongst commercial builders in 2015 who used stone veneer to reinvent the exterior of office and retail buildings. Stone veneer can give an older building the look and feel of a new build, but it was a top choice of those in construction because it is light weight, meets building codes as well as environmental standards (LEED), is fire resistant, not to mention quick and easy to install.

Home owners used Fusion Stone creatively for their exterior projects as well, which included surrounding a garage door with stone veneer to add a unique, detailed feature to the property. A number of home owners said goodbye to their vinyl siding, installing stone veneer on their home’s facade instead. Homeowners made the switch to stone veneer for their exterior projects because of its durable, weather-resistant features and lifetime warranty.

This year, homeowners will continue to use Fusion Stone for outdoor projects like walkways, patios, retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, sheds and gazebos. The easy-to-install, DIY nature of Fusion Stone makes it a top-choice for homeowners and builders for interior and exterior projects. Find a Fusion Stone dealer near you to get started and then share the results of your Fusion Stone project!

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