7 Ways Contractors Are Making Money and Winning Bids with Fusion Stone

mars 2, 2017

Homeowners love the versatility, durability, and one-of-a-kind style of Fusion Stone, but construction contractors love it for their own reasons. As a contractor you have to balance different and sometimes competing interests. You want to keep the client happy and deliver a great finished product without going over budget. Striking the right balance between price and appearance can be difficult at times, but not with Fusion Stone.Here are just a few of the reasons why contractors love Fusion Stone:

1. Great for commercial properties and homes

Fusion Stone is equally well suited to private homes or commercial properties. Just look at how Mr.Lube used Fusion Stone to improve the appearance of their business. In business, appearances matter and making a good first impression is important. Customers associate stone with dependability, a quality that clients want from a business. Fusion Stone is perfect for interior or exterior walls, is easy to clean, and adds a touch of class to any business.

2. No specialized skills necessary

Unlike traditional stone, you do not need specialized tools or expertise to install Fusion Stone. All you need are the tools that any general contractor would have in the back of their truck: a saw, a level, a tape measure, and a drill. Fusion Stone even comes with the necessary drill bit. That means there is no need to hire an expensive subcontractor or rent specialized equipment. Fusion Stone’s ease and convenience will ultimately save you (and your client) time and money.

3. Lifetime warranty

As a contractor you stand by your work and so does Fusion Stone, which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty. As long as it is installed correctly this warranty will protect you from having to pay out of pocket to repair or replace the work you’ve done. A lifetime warranty is also a great selling feature, and one that resonates strongly with clients. Choosing the right material, especially one that comes with a lifetime warranty, can be the difference between winning or losing a bid.

4. Quick installation

Fusion Stone is quick and easy to install, cutting down on the amount of man hours it takes to complete a job – without sacrificing quality.

5. Fusion Stone is inexpensive

Fusion Stone is one of the most affordable stone options available to contractors. Compared to traditional stone, or even alternative stone veneer products, Fusion Stone represents the best dollar value. As a contractor you can pass those savings onto your client, bid lower, and win more contracts.

6. Fusion Stone is lightweight

Not only is Fusion Stone light on your wallet, it is also light on your back compared to stone or brick. Lighter building materials mean that you can haul more of it further, faster, and that cuts down on transportation costs. Lighter materials, like Fusion Stone are also more versatile and well suited for jobs in tight spaces or at heights.

7. Fusion Stone looks great

At the end of the day what matters most to your clients is that they get the results they want, and usually that means a great looking home or business space. Fusion Stone comes in a range of styles and colours, perfectly suited to match any aesthetic, from classic to contemporary.

The best part about Fusion Stone isn’t the great prices, easy installation, lifetime warranty, or the way it transforms the ordinary to extraordinary. The best part of Fusion Stone is the smile it will put on your clients’ faces.

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