A Multi-Advantage Option for Siding Your Home

avril 5, 2018

Is the outside of your home in need of some freshening up?

Fusion Stone is a stone veneer product that is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to natural stone, vinyl, wood, cement, stucco and other siding options. Besides enhancing your home’s curb appeal with a polished, clean and natural appearance, Fusion Stone provides many other advantages:

It’s Cost Effective

Siding a home can be financially taxing, especially for a larger home. One of the advantages of Fusion Stone is that it is highly cost-effective option. Fusion Stone is a manufactured stone veneer product and, while delivering a similar appearance to natural stone, it costs about half as much. Plus, with a simple DIY design you can install Fusion Stone yourself, which means you can save on the cost of hiring a contractor to install it for you. Having said this, what is saved in expenses is not lost in quality. Fusion Stone is a high-quality stone veneer product that’s manufactured right here in Ontario by a Canadian, family-owned company.


Fusion Stone is much lighter in weight than natural stone making it simpler and quicker to install as it requires less structural support. Fusion Stone is also known for its insulating properties. This makes it a great choice if you are looking to reduce your utility costs as your furnace won’t have to work as hard.

With Fusion Stone, you will notice less drastic changes to your home between seasons, making your indoor environment more comfortable for everyone. Additionally, Fusion Stone is also fire resistant, and some insurance companies even offer a discount to customers who use Fusion Stone.

Low Maintenance

Fusion Stone is entirely maintenance free meaning that unlike wood, stucco and vinyl options it will not require any general repairs over time. This claim is taken so seriously that if you have had your Fusion Stone installed properly and it is damaged, you will be covered through its lifetime warranty. Fusion Stone is also mold, fade and weather resistant meaning that its quality will not deteriorate with the stress of extreme weather and it will continue to look fresh years after it’s been installed.

Curb Appeal

The great thing about Fusion Stone is that in addition to its impressive functions it is also beautiful, and will enhance your home’s curb appeal. With an array of colour and design options, there is a stone for everyone. Fusion Stone has a high return on investment as it will likely increase your property value when it comes time to resell because of its beauty and functionality.


If you somehow haven’t been sold on Fusion Stone yet, you will be when you find out it is designed to be installed completely by homeowners themselves. With its patented click design, Fusion Stone comes in an easy-to-assemble kit with simple steps to follow. This advantage saves you time and money. Work at your own pace and feel a sense of satisfaction when you take a step back and look at your beautiful home!

Ready to take the step towards a better future for you and your home? Find a dealer near you to get started shopping for Fusion Stone for your new façade, or your next DIY project.

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